Man is held after student protest in Leeds

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BanjoBill, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. Headline should read: Mystery injuries after cops attack students - as yet again cops are caught on camera.

    Or, how do you manage to get injured when attacking teenage little girls with a baton?

    Watch this space for the truth as it will come out.

    BBC News - Man is held after student protest in Leeds
  2. Doh, maybe the teenage little girls hit the police or maybe their big nasty boyfriends. Watch this space for a non story about police doing their job with gob shite students trying to cause trouble.
  3. Aye, holding the front line in the war on terror, one teenage girl at a time. Get a grip, this happens all the time. Sorta on topic, i remember a few weeks ago, how one of them was caught on camera causing damage to a woman by dragging her across the floor, and lobbing her into a cell. Funny when it was all caught on CCTV that, and i quote "The CCTV doesn't show the whole story" Except when your the one using the CCTV as evidence that is. Utter scum, they know their destiny, and it ain't pretty.

    Heres to the future :D
  4. Sgt Mark Andrews was cleared on appeal

    and whats that then? I'm guessing in 100 years time the police will still be doing there thing and someone just like you will still be sat there blahing on about how PC so&so will get his if you ever see him out on the lash
  5. Don't encourage him.
  6. You really should have kept silent on this one. He was 'cleared' Then for 'force' chucked him out, another example of the filth thinking their military, that they can do what the military do and take care of their own, ignoring peels principles, that the police are the public, and the public are the police.

    Brutal Wiltshire cop branded a disgrace (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)


    Wiltshire PC accused of cell attack sacked by force » Communities »

    If you delete your post, i'll pretend i never saw it, for your sake.

    Wrong again, goverment bought silence from the public with dole money, it was never a 'gift', but a bribe, with all that being cut down, not to mention many filth being sacked (6000 per year is it?) due to cuts, the thin blue line is about to become even thinner.

    Sorry son, afraid when you want to be a **** now, you have to handle it better, no point calling for a riot van to take on a spotty teenager now, no ones coming. I predict many Keith Blakelocks.

    Heres hoping. :) (We can put money on it if you want?)
  7. Saw nothing wrong with any of that footage. ****** students trying to get into and disrupt a bank, police using minimal force to stop them, where's the story? I've had worse bruises from rugby practise its hardly police brutality is it.
  8. I predict a gang of crackheads breaking into your house, nicking all your stuff and raping your missus and beating you into a wheelchair for life.
    Heres hoping. :)
  9. As opposed to filth getting away with manslaughter? Death of Ian Tomlinson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Or how about a bit of murder? Death of Jean Charles de Menezes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    At least the crackheads know they are scum and know the score, i've lost count of the amount of times i've seen filth blubbering when they get a hiding back "but...but tell him guv, he ain't allowed to hit back waaaaah"

    Faggots, is that why your sticking up for them? Protecting your bumboys?
  10. You're not a fan of the gays either are you? What about blacks and asians you tedious twat? So you're a little hate filled tosser whose been given a slap by the police at some point and so now they all deserve to be macheted to death for the actions of a few twats out of the thousands of serving police. Would you want soldiers to be judged in the same way?
  11. **** me he's worse then western

    Divy I love people like you, your me reason for getting up in the morning, I'm going to let you in on a little secret a criminal offence and internal discipline are two things I could be sacked for breach of discipline but not be guilty of a single statute offence

    as for your comments on PC Blakelock you are beneath contempt
  12. don't forget the bloke with the table leg or the naked scouser what about the muslim bloke who got slotted in the shoulder or lets get old school Cherry Groce & Cynthia Jarrett
  13. You will be judged in the same way eventually you ****ing bellend, the key thing is if your man enough to take your lumps and say, "I'm guilty" or take the filth route out and cry about you doing your job, like that makes a ****ing difference.

    I'm sure most in the military can either justify what they do, or take their lumps if they can't. Either way, only sick fucks like you think you can push people and not get pushed back.
  14. I'm guessing your either a copper/brief (unlikely) repeat customer (possible) billy bigtimer (my personal fav) I've worked very closely with the police and I can truthfully say any officer I've seen get a slap/hiding whatever you want to call it has been pissed off but mostly accepting as part of the job- and knows that the odds are nothing is going to come of it
  15. Makes no difference you tool, the courts are mostly rubbish anyway, if they happen to stumble upon it then woopdeedo. I'll let you in on a secret, law and justice are two different things, when you understand this concent, you might understand why people dispise your ilk. Blacklock won't be the last, and when it does kick off, and you are looking for support, don't bother looking at the law abiding public (although that's a hard thing to do, considering terrorism and public order covers most things) for support, you made enemys of them. So take your hiding.

    I'll let you in on another secret, seen as your two brains cells are having trouble coping, if he is not guilty of anything, why did they dismiss him? I'll tell you why, because they, like the military, deal with their own trash, why is this? Because they 'take care of their own' That, is the reason why the police are despised, they have become paramilitary. The end result, is you getting a royal hiding from the unwashed, when the bribe money runs out, and they can't afford booze, or drugs, they will want what you got, shiny pensions and shiny stuff.

    They will get it. and you will deserve it. Like i said to the other bellend, you can't push people and not expect to be pushed back. Well...fuckwits like you cry about it, but it's a law of nature, so deal with it.