Man is charged with murdering Captain Nairac GC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Track_Link, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Linky

    Edited to add proper title
  2. Good news that is, but will R N's family get justice after all these years.?
  3. No, since we no longer have the death penalty, and HMP's are little more than hotels these days.

    If he's found guilty and sentanced to life, that's better than nothing. But it's far short of justice. :evil:
  4. He'll get "Good Fridayed" :(
  5. They might have mentioned his posthumous GC. And will the animals who murdered him ever disclose what they did with the body? I'm sure Gerry and Martin could tell us a thing or two about that, now that we're all pals.
  6. Some good news for a change.

    PS Did I mention that Adams and McGuinness were British Army touts?
  7. I agree with every word, pity we can't give the bstard the old colombian neck tie in a public place too.
  8. ............. just perhaps, justice is making a reappearance after years of being forced into hiding. A rare piece of uplifting news............ we await the outcome with interest.
  9. Say again, all after "mention". :twisted:
  10. I'm not sure he will get "Good Fridayed" surely you had to have been convicted at the time. Can someone explain.

    Totally agree Adams was a tout- never commited an act of terrorism apart from membership of a proscribed organization.
  11. Local news here just reported that hes been released on bail.
  12. Sorry I misread that as cunt.. Silly me.

    Here's hoping Cpt Nairac's body is one day recovered.
  13. Just for you Frank!
    that Adams and McGuinness were British Army touts?
  14. From what rumour control always said there may not be much to recover.
  15. If the offence was committed prior to the GFA you fall under the same conditions as those that were in jail at that time.

    That means if this bloke is convicted he will be handed 2 weeks job seekers allowance and released regardless of what he is sentenced to.