Man is charged over death crash

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nebapneb, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. BBC News

    they were picking conkers FFS and tw@tto & his mates decided they wanted free beer from asda, nick it, drive off & crash their chav chariot
    the brave lads in the front did a runner and were caught whilst their mates in the back

    i hope they fcuking die or are crippled and dry bummed by gary glitter in a gimp suit ala se7en and the driver, well lets just say i hope that on his journey to the courts, many invisible dogs run out in front of the van and he falls down the stairs once or thrice

    hangings too good for em, etc :x

    but on a more serious note, WTF has happened to my country?
    did i fall asleep and awake to find it overrun by selfish thuggish cnuts?
    and what can be or is being done to try and stop its descent into chavdom?
  2. One of my mates died earlier this year getting hit by a car:RIP Ryan

    Turns out the bloke had borrowed it from his brother without him knowing (isnt that TDA?) had no insurance and must of been speeding due to the impact damage around the area my mate was killed.

    The bloke did a runner from the scene and handed himself in at the nick the next day (probably gave it just enough time for the drink/drugs to escape his system).
    He was bailed for nearly 3 and a half months: link
    because the police didnt think they could get any charges to stick! They have charged him now :scumbag
    but lets see whats happens when he gets to court. A nice trip to Butlins Borstal for the tosser I'll wager. :x
  3. I have occasionally thought about the situation regarding what I would do if someone close was killed by an idiot driver. Decent penalites only seem to be handed out if a defendant was over the alcohol limit or sending a text message. Most penalties given out seem to put a small value on human life taken by vehicle.
    I think that I would rather no one was caught because I don't think that I could let it rest if the perpetrator did not receive an appropriate penalty. Then I would be in trouble in my declining years.
  4. While 7 months pregnant, my friend's daughter was hit head-on by a boy racer driving the wrong way round a roundabout. She went into labour and baby is not quite right yet.

    Police and DPP said "insufficient evidence". Seems admitting driving wrong way on a roundabout, with numerous witnesses, is still not enough. That little ####er will kill someone sooner or later.
  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    My Mum was walking back from Church one night when a man sidled up and whispered "Alone at last my proud beauty".

    She got over it. Turned out it was me Uncle Bob fucking about. Phew, eh?

    Point is my friends, if you read your local evening papers or the Daily Hate, this sort of bollocks is almost a daily occurance. If it dont involve you and yours, sigh and move on. The alternative is growing old, tigh wrapped and fuming. That is the Crow Road to the hospital.

    If it involves you and yours, buy petrol. Suss your alibi, then move on.
  6. Northern Ireland didn't involve me and mine. Nor did FY, but I'm glad I went and proud of what we did, little enough though that was on an absolute scale.

    It would help if the penalty for causing death or injury through poor driving weren't so derisory. FF, it's a tonne and a half of metal moving at speed and the only thing standing between it and a fatality is the skill and care of the operator. If you let off a shotgun by accident do you think you'd get away with a fine and points on your FAC, even if nobody's hurt?

    People need to start taking cars seriously and acting appropriately. They're not a bloody right.
  7. You know what? im sick of hearing this "death by dangerous driving" or "driving without due care and attention" shite.

    If you get into a car, be it drunk, drugged, without the owners consent, or with no insurance/licence, its manslaughter, pure and simple.

    If you drove the vehicle knowing full well you shouldnt have been driving, then you knew you full well you are breaking the law, and as such, you are fully responsible for your actions.

    Start charging these cnuts with manslaughter and see how often this sort of case pops up again.

    killing some poor kid, or innocent father and injuring his child, because you are a twat and shouldnt have been behind the wheel is not dangerous driving, its premeditated manslaughter, end of.

    Personally any cnut who drinks and drives needs a visit from the "kick the cnut to death fairy" but there you go....

    I have my reasons
  8. Gren. I completely support your view. However, 'death by dangerous/reckless' was brought in because juries were unwilling to convict drivers of manslaughter. To attempt to improve the conviction rate 'dangerous' became 'reckless' for a time and now 'due care' has been added. All in an effort to gain some sort of a conviction of the people who don't pay attention to their driving.
    My view is that every ten years you should have to take some sort of driving test/assesment until you are seventy and then a test every three years. That would concentrate people's mind on keeping up with the rules.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    and every year from age 18-25.

    Select the examiners. Pay them £40k a year and I would be less worried driving on country roads that Muppets think are Le Mans.
  10. Trouble is it wont stop people who drive without a license driving, they really couldnt give a fcuk!
  11. How about we nuke Wales for a start.