Man injured in home made bomb blast

Oh, I am so sorry.

I have the greatest of sympathy for those who accidentally cause themselves personal injury whilst manufacturing home-made explosives.

"It was for salmon poaching, Officer," said .... [insert name here] :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Nearly a "Darwin Award" The Police report will read "Must try harder next time"
Perhaps "Yokel" knows? Is this part of Barnstaple know as the Castle?
I'm not from Barnstaple, just near. The place isn't all bad, there a parts of aircraft and weapons and sonar systems etc made there. No idea where St George's road is, though!
All you need is a bit of "kitchen chemistry" to make home-made explosive. To make it safely, over a period of time, you need laboratory cleanliness.

Mr Happy

I had a colleague who liked to make home made explosives in his bath. I think he wanted to sim dets on exercise or some such... Needless to say, civpol and the CO took a dim view. He's out now though.

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