Man in Uniform wanted for fun times

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by tinkerbell05, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. i got to say i have a thing for men in uniform any one intrested, im 28 blonde/brown 5.4" slim build live in the south east, send me a picture and i will get back to you. :*

  2. WAH!!!!

    Get back to yer bed and go to sleep - don't ye know what time it is!!!????
  3. [​IMG]

    Lets get the fook on it baby!!!
  4. im at work and bored whats your excuse?
  5. Same.... :(


    supposed to be working sshhhhh!!!
  6. me too thank god for the internet eh?

    finish in an hour so not to long left one more night left. :party:
  7. You twisted ho'. You come on here pretending to be a right up for it slut and turn out to be a cleaning lady who has found a PC on...

  8. na i dont think so mate there are a lot of other jobs out there that require night work other then cleaning? i take it thats what your doing then?
  9. GT we've been rumbled!!!!

    Where did I leave that Vim??...
  10. No I am surfing the web to find youngish women, to groom them for up the wrong un sex!

  11. Well I have Cif if you need some, I am in room 34 with the hoover!!
  12. Jif??? Cif???? GT2001

    Oy vay!!!! Gimme gritty Vim anyday I'll scratch the colour out of that avocado bathsuite yet!!!

    Thank gawd ye've not got "Bessy" the floor buffer fi the Guardroom :crying:

  13. But Cif leaves my bell end smelling all lemony...

    Ah Bessy, bless her and her 3 heads!
  14. Sorry GT2001 no, no that's not Cif.... its SIF!!!! :D

    As in the last burd my mate sh**ged was riddled with it!!!!
  15. Sh1t!!!

    Oh well, it will at least compliment my cauliflower bell end and weeping scabbed sack..