Man in gimp suit 'distressing villagers!

Handcuff them, for a start. Then tell them they've been naughty and punish them.

As I say to a friend when her boyfriends been naughty, "Don't punish him he'll only enjoy it"

Probably not a good idea to listen to the lyrics, if you are of a nervous disposition.

Apropos of nothing at all, this just started on autoplay, sorry:

"And some folks love vegetable soup..."

Without further comment.

Doubt we'll ever hear from Porridge Gun again though.

Just sayin...
Man in gimp suit 'distressing villagers!

"A man wearing a gimp suit has reportedly been distressing villagers by jumping out in front of strangers while touching his groin. "

Man in gimp suit 'distressing villagers by touching groin in front of strangers'

Firstly, how do they know this was a man? it could have been one of those LGBT crowd that identifies as something else!, also if wearing a gimp suit - how do we know it's not just some heavily built, flat chested woman with a smoked sausage in her pocket? Come to think about it - where was Baglock during this incident?
Do you distress villagers in the same way as you would distress a pine coffee table?

Asking for a carpenter friend, with an SM bent
Here's a patriotic gimp - I wonder if you'd get arrested for wearing this instead of the cheeky little black number?



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@the_gimp hasn't been seen since 2014.

I wonder if he just got out of prison after his previous escapades?
I'm happy for folk to carry on as they want in the bedroom - kinks and fetishes that are consensual and kept for 'private time' are nothing to do with me.

However, that article really made me laugh - it could have been a Brass Eye documentary. Just a few of the lines:

He hopes the incident wouldn’t lead the public to be overly suspicious of rubber fetishists.
No, who'd be suspicious of someone getting their kinks in a rubber suit through which they can hardly breath?

Andrew, a 32-year-old IT specialist in London, said that most people into rubber aren’t weirdos.
Riiiight Not weird at all..

Humphrey and Andrew stress that, as proud submissives, the last thing they want to do is frighten women – who they consider as superior beings with the right to boss them around.
'Proud submissive'? Isn't that an oxymoron?

Not all members of this community, though, are on board with the word ‘gimp’.

Mistress Absolute, a London dominatrix, tells us that the term, popularised by the infamous scene in Pulp Fiction, makes her shudder.

Some people don’t like the word ‘gimp’, preferring ‘rubber fetishists’. ‘The word ‘gimp’ has very negative connotations,’ she said. ‘A lot of rubber fetishists take pride in their hobby and, even for those that like to be dominated, they won’t all be comfortable with a term which suggests they’re stupid and useless.’

The skilled disciplinarian, who runs a special club night where men are forced to wear slave collars and forbidden from sitting on the furniture, is also keen to point out that the actions of the Somerset gimp are at odds with BDSM values.
Fill your boots. I'm guessing it's not bright enough to get the brews in when you wake up either, so pointless dragging it to your lair.

Try not to get blood on your shoes.
Here's a patriotic gimp - I wonder if you'd get arrested for wearing this instead of the cheeky little black number?


That's a Zentai suit, not a Gimp suit

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