Man in a bag - Did the Spooks do it?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, May 2, 2012.

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  1. The inquest into this chap being found dead in a zipped up and locked bag is exercising the minds of the conspiracy muffins.

    Ignore the fact that this guy liked to be tied up and was into kinky self abuse, dressing up etc. The whole thing rests on how did he get into a locked zipped up bag.....he must have been put

    It is possible to lock a zipped bag...then open the zip by using a biro old trick employed by baggage handlers at "Thief Row." Have a rummage around, steal anything you want then press the two zips together....nobody is the wiser until they open the locked bag. The criminal brain is ever inventive. ...and no I have never worked at Thief Row....a man in a pub told me about this wheeze years ago.
  2. Was there a biro in the bag?
  3. Why would the Inelligence Service do it? If they wanted to get rid of him they'd have put him in for a clearance review. Found him unsuitable for the clearance, revoked it, and dismissed him. If this guy was a good codebreaker (which by all accounts he was) why kill him?

    If they really wanted him dead, I'm sure that they'd have found a subtler way of doing it.
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  4. Really? What about that Dr, you know Blairs mate who was going to blow the WMD bollocks?
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  5. It doesn't compare. So not a valid analogy.
  6. No....he died a la Hutchens, of a sex game gone wrong! Pervert!
  7. If you wanted rid of him there's far easier ways of doing it. If the 'super sneaky beaky' assassins got in and out without being seen why bother locking inch high private eye in a rucksack? You'd just ram a screwdriver through his neck, rummage through his flat and nick some stuff. Another burglary gone wrong.

    It always makes me laugh when the tinfoil hats bang on about Diana's death. There's some pretty confident assassins out there who could get the driver pissed, ensure he put his foot down at the sight of some scooters, subliminally got Di not to wear her seatbelt and then use a Fiat Uno to ram a mahoosive Merc into that pillar. They certainly earned their money that night!
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  8. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    He didn't pay the Gibson'- Dogmailer who was going to squeal on him for his "interesting" ways of entertainment. Seemples!
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Tinfoil hat time in the Case of the Boil in the Bag Spook.

    Already explained on ARRSE how it can be done.
  10. One of the forensic types giving evidence said that he had considered this possibility, but there was no evidence of damage to the teeth of the zip which is characteristic of this method.

    I thought the flat was in a so called safe house, so a routine burglary was unlikely.
  11. Buy one, get one dead S&M-freak trannie free :wink:
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  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I think Shag Nasty has asked the wrong question....not ' did OUR spooks do it ' but did someone else's ?

    As to ' if he was a good analyst - why top him ? ' he decrypted something he shouldn't have....?

    I have no idea if he was an auto-asphixiator or not....seems the papers have made up their minds on that one already ( although from what I've seen the actual evidence is pretty insubstantial...)

    Bearing in mind what Leveson has just revealed about the cosy relationship between what m'learned colleague refers to as

    A) The Bizzies
    B) The Pollys
    C) The Reptiles

    really, REALLY makes a bit of scrutiny in order - n'est-ce pas ?

    How far do you think any government would go to avoid real, headline grabbing embarassment ?

    (Ah, taxi for one ? I'll get my tinfoil anorak....)
  13. I wasn't talking about the dead code-breaker. His family told the inquest he was straight as a die.

    I'm talking about the kind of person who gets off on being tied up & constrained in bags, who had had to be rescued by other people when said stunts went wrong & so on :wink:
  14. Wearing my landlords , rather than my tin foil hat .
    I really couldn't care less what tenants get up to in their private lives , but
    did you see the state of the bathroom in the crime scene photos ?
    Absolutely filthy , I hope he sues the deceased's estate for the deposit .
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  15. Well he cocked that one up.