Man has sex with hegdehog

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by the_guru, Sep 16, 2006.

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    As a cure for Prem Ejac. Interesting treatment.

    I remember the Chicken Fcuker from Pops. Top chips and mushroom sauce though !

    Got me thinking though in a bestial sort of way.

    If you HAD to knock up an animal, which one would you choose?

    I think it'd have to be a sloth. It'd remind me of a couple of my ex's :?
  2. It would have to be the dead camel that our detachment encountered back in 1991 in Saudi (we named her Bob!)

    Reminded me also of some of the ex's I was unfortunate to have climbed on board!!
  3. did she get the hump then :?: :?: :?: :?:
  4. Guru
    What situation would you have to be in whereby you HAD to have sex with an animal??

    Pray tell?
  5. Simple answer! be fcukin married to this creature.
  6. is that the "rabbit in the headlights" look :?: :?: :?: :?:
  7. Howler. Try thinking out of the box for once. I bet you got all firm in the pants about your pet chinchilla a few times eh? eh?
  8. Fair point Guru!

    Can it be animals from history now extinct?

    I'd imagine a dodo would be reasonably subservient, failing that what about the female 'Australopithecus robustus', probably wouldn't ask too many questions.
  9. How awful :? We are having similar problems over here. 'Dogging' I believe they call it. Just make sure your garden fences are secure all around. I'd be mortified if either of mine became victims of this abomination.
  10. Dogs would be easy, because there are soooo many of them around. Ever fancied a pop at a Zebra?
  11. At the zoo?

    Or in it's natural habitat with the added risk of being eaten by a lion while you're on the job?
  12. Well that would certainly concentrate the mind. As for the zoo, I'm not too sure if I could perform in front of a crowd of schoolkids...
  13. Wanna Dog - goto....CHEEKS
  14. A blowfish seems ready made for the job.A tortoise would be good too.You wont have to shell out anything to accomodate her.She already has her own place.

    Throw in a snake for a threesome and you can save on condoms.