"Man" gives birth ... a rose by any other name?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Excognito, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. I thought the NAAFI was the best place (or, rather, the least worst place) to post this news that, to my view, shows the absurdity of some claims that a man or woman can "be" a woman or man by dint of some surgery and hormones.

    Sex change man 'first male mother' - Yahoo!
    :roll: No, I'm not sorry, but if you manage to get pregnant and give birth, you are not a man, you're woman, no matter how much you "identify as" and "live as" a man ... the proof is in the pudding club membership.
  2. Jarrod, yer a dad!
  3. Did He/She/It fuck it´s self ?:help:
  4. That's at the top of the list of things you never thought you'd hear.
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  5. shouldnt the question be asked-"whos the daddy now"!!
  6. ps-anybody know wot regiment he/she/it came from? seems like an army/crab/matelot claim to fame!!
  7. Or want to know the ins and outs of ...
  8. Getting pregnant in the first place probably implies having sex with a man. But if you self identify as a man, and have sex with a man, then it probably means having the op to join Para Mortars ... apparently, they like to give as good as they get.
  9. oh-that might get a responce- are you saying all paras are gay or just mortars-throw this open to all!!
  10. We have established - it's either a woman or a raging homo beefer.
  11. Did you, er, follow the link in my post? I have to confess that I served (and not as a Para, I hasten to add - I passed the IQ test) in a different era (we had proper rifles with a decent calibre) and such things were a rarity or a bit of a joke rather than a way of life.

    Of course, I suppose I should have added the usual caveat ...

    Just because its' Yahoo
    Doesn't mean it's Troo
  12. The world really has gone to the fucking dogs.
  13. Oh, I don't know. It sounds like a return to the lusty and deviant 18th Century after the stifling false morality of the Victorians and the dullard class obsessions of the 20s to the 50s. Men giving birth, everybody fucking whoever and whatever they like, women with cocks, Govt ministers with their reamed-out arseholes hanging to their knees. It's a pervert's banquet.
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  14. Dante's descent into hell is well advanced, and Satan rules.

    God help our descendents. (end of rant)
  15. So basically, the title should have read "Woman - who looks like a Bloke Has a Baby".

    It's all sensational reporting bollocks and is as realistic as Legs in the "looking like a female" category.
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