Man Flu

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by PotYos, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. Ok, I know I'm not dying as such, but I feel like I am and what does Mrs PotYos do? Complain I'm faking it and that I don't know what illness is really like.

    So am I just a whinging gobshite or should I be getting some sympathy from her?
  2. Women will not give us any sympathy because they realise God gave them periods and pregnancy as a punishment...and are bitter and twisted as a result!!!!
  3. Get to bed and stop moaning on here, your ill aren't you?
  4. Welcome to the 21st Century with laptops and wireless internet :p
  5. Sorry no sympathy here, my old man gets terminal man flu and nobody is as ill as him :shaking: :pukel: :dead: :skull:
  6. Are we playing Man-Flu Top Trumps now? :)
  7. Don't want to enter a urine-ing contest but my man flu is the worst, the whole world is out to get me and I don't care what you claim to feel, its nothing compared to my suffering :p
  8. Poof.

    When I had man-flu, I lost three fingers and couldn't walk for two years, one of which was retro-active meaning I couldn't walk for 12 months *before* I was ill.

    And I went blind, although that could've been for other reason... *cough*
  9. Flu? fukcing flu? You is a poof son!, what is you?
  10. NOooo im not claiming its flu. Its man flu, a subtle - but vital - difference.
  11. Man flu is a team sport, or so my ex told me.
  12. How dissapointing, I rushed to this thread expecting a Wrights Brothers type breakthrough in engineering.

    I'll get my coat and handbag.... :roll:
  13. Fecking man flu! MEN none of you can take illness!! Take my OH for instance, was ill for days he was, barely out of bed, lazy bugger was only E. coli... tell you men are such pussys.
  14. Can you let me know the symptoms... and a guestimate of recovery time... I'm as bored as sh1te here at work and could do with a few days off.
  15. Yes it's call a "slight cold" but men seem to think that this is far worse than the colds that women get - which it isn't!!!
    My dad gets "a cold" and spends the week walking round, shoulders hunched up, sniffing, and making all sorts of moaning noises like his leg is dropping off, all of which he feels are going to get him sympathy - which they don't his wife is a nurse as well as his daugher - absolutely no sympathy!!