Man Flu

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, Jan 1, 2004.

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  1. Sorry to BBC and Lifey.

    The ability to get out of bed has gone, so I must go back. Even though I want to put my wellies on and play in the snow!
  2. Just hold that pose.........mmmmmmmm, wellies.
  3. I thought you were in eye-whack? You should have come to Manchester. You could have the shakes now with me !! Chicken kebab with korma sauce poured over it. MMmmmmmm. Now all I have to look forward to today is the squirts !
  4. This is the worst hang, over added to the worst hang over, added yet again to the worst hang over i have ever had. :(
    And i never had a drop of alcohol! :cry:

    Dale don't do the wellies thing mate, especially not in the red Kylies...
  5. Eh?

    And what did Santa bring you BBC? A life maybe? A man? Never mind, maybe next year.
  6. GH got all i wished for and more......
    and you got the shits....
    how apt!
  7. Yeah, exactly !! Ha, ha. But the chicken kebab did round off a good night so it was worth the hassle. What was your wishes that came true? Did your saggy tits suddenly inflate? A blind, deaf and dumb man take a fancy to you? Lessons in stringing a sentance together maybe? Or free entry into weight watchers? Go on..... give us a clue :?:
  8. Wish number one.... The shits just for you.... :D
    Wish number two.... The big book of Gunny witticisms.... All A5 sheet.... :roll:
    Wish number three.... A new office pin up....nice arrse.... 8O
    Wish number four.... A horse.... Mind out of gutter please.... :oops:
    Wish number five.... A copy of the BB recipe book...can I borrow yours? :?
    Wish number six.... An apology from you when you finally realise I'm NOT the BB of such infamous fame! :wink:

    PS. Got the history of the AAC and could find no mention of you or your fly boy mates in it, chapter missing? :?:
  9. Well, you got that one. Well done ! Keep wishing, cos I'm out today for yet another round of drinks and an extra large curry, so with a bit of luck I'll be on later complaining about even more squarts.

    Only available through my publisher

    You lonely women, LOL, who dream of Chippendale type blokes smothered in baby oil and pleasuring you (but in the real world they look like big gay blokes who spend far too much time looking in a mirror then at their girl/boy friend). Wake up my dear.

    Eh? In English please.

    Start mixing with Blondedick and you'll regret it. She's known for turning on her friends, plus quite a few of us on ARRSE have compared PMs from her, and realise she plays people off each other. Eh, no, please, mix with her !!

    Ahem (clears throat). I unreservedly apologise for stating here on ARRSE that you were Blondedick. Please accept my apology.

    In mitigation, some of your posts do mirror some of that dozy cow's type of writing. And you do share a few (purely?) coincidental occurrences, including you disappearing from ARRSE and the very next day, Blondedick reappearing.

    Which history would that be? Is it a book (name please) or website (URL please), or one of the AAC journals? Or are you bullshiiting?? Since it's conception, the AAC has had tens of 1000's of men (and women) who have served, and you'll probably find that even the exceptional one's hardly get a mention in it’s history. And my fly boy mates, who are you referring to?
  10. I was Bull pitting.... sorry to all AAC, please do not heap... I have man flu and am weak target....:oops:

  11. MMmmmm, apology maybe revoked. Go back and edit your comments. AAC, not ACC. BIG difference. Flu is NO excuse.
  12. The shame of it....... :oops:
    Done..... :roll:
  13. Is Gunny right, are your norks flat and saggy? any chance of a pic or a link to a site where you rug munch with Dale :D
  14. She sent me a pic before Xmas mate. I lost my erection. Still thrapping over yours though :wink:
  15. MDN Gunny is ALWAYS right....
    no pics sorry, to much to picture....
    and no site, as no munching....