Man Flu - hit or myth?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Excognito, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. "Man Flu" exists - proof positive from Duroliponte ...

    OTOH, Londinium thinks not ...

    But John Oxford, Professor of virology at the University of London, disagrees.

    He says his team at the University of London deliberately infected men and women with the flu virus.

    He says there was no noticeable difference between their recovery times or their immunity.

    "But the women did complain more," he added. [/quote]

    Wot can 1 say?
  2. In addition, we have

    Women are more likely than men to complain about their health even when they are in better shape, according to government statistics.


    Doctors and campaigners are concerned about men's apparent lack of awareness about health problems and reluctance to go to the doctor

  3. Women are poofs. Fact.

    Birthing pains my arrse. And multi-tasking? Don't get me started. Try getting one to watch a film and shut the fuck up simultaneously and see how far you get.
  4. Tried getting an appointment at the GP?

    Bloke: Can I see the doctor?
    Receptionist: Is it serious?
    Bloke: I've got paralysis along my right side, slurred speech, blurred vision, rashes that don't disappear when I put a glass over them, stabbing chest pains, difficulty in breathing and I'm passing blood.
    Receptionist: Hmmm. I can book you in for a week on Tuesday, but he can only look at one of your problems. I'll put you in for the blurred vision. If you've still got the other symptoms, let me know on Tuesday and I'll see if I can fit you in for another appointment a week later.

    Woman: Can I see the doctor?
    Receptionist: Well, we're quite busy, but if you can come down straight away, we should be able to fit you in between appointments. You may have to wait up to half an hour, though. Would you like to come in this afternoon as well? We're running a well-woman clinic...

    And that's why blokes don't go to see their GP.
  5. If I rang in with those symptoms, she'd probably (correctly) conclude that I'd had a good night out on the tiles. 8)

    However, I do think I have a claim to fame in that a Receptionist did actually apologize to me. I wasn't feeling particularly well, and responded to her "Is it an emergency?" with "Well, not an emergency* per se, but I have a feeling I perhaps ought to have some medical attention - sooner rather than later?" (R. v. grumpy) "Well, I can fit you in at 1000".

    I staggered into the Surgery at appointed time, she takes one look at me and says "Oh, I'm so sorry. We don't get many people who are *really* ill wanting an appointment."

    * my definition of emergency being an arm or a leg hanging off.
  6. One of my former boss's had a strict rule NOT to employ women in ANY important job, his reasoning, 1 week in 4 they were totally irrational, they allowed emotions to affect their judgement, they would want time off when pregnant and giving birth, once having given birth they would demand time off to attend to sprogs who were ill etc, so all in all, he considered them to be a liability unless they were doing fairly menial tasks such as typing, filing and making the tea!
    Mind you he would also not consider employing men with beards, pipe smokers & poofs!
    Reasons, why do beardies want to hide their face unless they have something to hide ie. untrustworthy! Pipe smokers were procrastinators who used the pipemans fiddles with filling, lighting, puffing & cleaning said utensil to delay or avoid questions or making decisions. Poofs, being too emotional and possibly subverting the office!
    Saying all that he was a v. good boss who ran his department with ruthless effieciency, you knew exactly where you stood with him and had nothing to fear if you did your job PROPERLY! Coincidentally he was ex WW2 Naval CPO who went on to become MD of part of the company!
  7. Women are always moaning about pain. Is childbirth that painful? Is it more painful than being kicked in the balls is for a man?
    Put it this way, they moan about how painful having a baby is but, a year or so later, they will say "I think I'd like another one."
    Once a man's been kicked in the balls, have you ever heard him say he wouldn't mind trying it again?
  8. Man flu?, at least when we get a Flu named after us it it a flu.

    Bird flu? is that when they lose the ability to reverse park? or when they get the urge to shit on a car window screen?

    Women, they think they have it tough! try having to shave your chin with cold water, then moan about childbirth you wet bints.

    And while your at it ladies, shaving your stubbly legs is not a fashion thing, it needs doing on a regular basis, if we wanted German wives, we would have married them when we were posted there.

    Women? ive shit em.
  9. Max Mosely? :?

  10. yes and yes try passing a melon thru your knob, men are always asking to be kicked in the balls just not in an outright manner,

    As for going back and having more kids it's not their fault thay cannot help it.

  11. Uhh... Yeah they fcuking can.
  12. Gren wrote

    It does?? Why has no one told me this before?? Or even that they were supposed to be shaven to start with?? 8O

    Man flu? Thats the one where following one sneeze, a bloke immediately takes himself off to bed with a declaration that ' I'm dying, get me some Beechams' and stays there moaning and whinging for at least a week? :lol:
  13. Shaving?? Why?? I can't see my fucking legs, let alone shave them!!
  14. Could you talk him into running the army? Please.