Man flu? Cheeky besoms...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. Last Monday I flew to Paris with two female colleagues. We were there for two days and throughout the period they both complained of snuffles and cold-type symptoms. We returned to UK and the following day they both failed to turn in, due to having a cold. not seen for the rest of the week. One tried to work from home but was obviously suffering from a head full of cotton wool.

    Now before some H&S Nazi chips in, they did exactly the right thing to isolate themselves - although by then two other members of their group had gone down with the lurgy. However what got my sh1t and grasped it was the reaction to their sickness from the women folk of the office. "Poor lambs etc" not "bloody man flu!".

    So I will be interested to se what the assembled female team have to say when I breenge in tomorrow having taken today sick, with the same symptoms as my travelling companions...
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sorry what was the question again?
  3. they have BIRD flu....infinitely worse than common or garden man flu!!
  4. Women can't catch man-flu, if they do it's simply called "death"
  5. Ravers? RAvers! RAVers! RAVERS!! sorry to startle you but you had drifted off into a fugue state...what were you thinking about?

    Oh and:

    Neither were ginger
    No, I didn't wear a clown suit
    No I didn't use the expression "I'm here to repair the photocopier"
    And, no, there is no video...
  6. Will you be posting the video on for us to- Oh... Right, never mind...
  7. Looking below at the many threads on the 'man flu' issue I will limit my response to simply say:

    Man flu is real and hideous affliction that is a clear and present danger to man folk everywhere.
    I have never, in all my life suffered from a cold. Colds are for the weak and puny. I suffer from horrendous symptoms that have baffled the medical world, I've had doctors wash their hands of me and prepare to administer last rights but, by some miracle I've pulled through and got on with life with minimum fuss. No moaning or complaining, no pleading for sympathy.........just like every other fine gentleman the world over. (Except for the spongers........and the French........Oh, and old people)
  8. Yep the above is a man droning on about feeling ill and near to death's door. You retire to your bed, demand sympathy, hot drinks throughout the day and generally sleep for the duration. Your symptoms are exaggerated and on returning to work highlighted to other male colleagues, who agree your ordeal was indeed life challenging.

  9. Pics? what about those pics you took when they were climbing those stairs?
  10. How dare you woman! It's almost as if you don't believe a man can be as ill as he says he is. Outrageous! Man. The bread winner, the hunter gatherer, the backbone of families up and down the land!. Are you saying they aren't really ill and are just trying to get attention? I hope you've got evidence to back that up.
  11. Even then, they'll be teachers and nurses.
  12. i've had it 3 times in the last 2 months. :(
  13. Dump the bitch
  14. I'll put you on my "Funny Guy" list when I have finished killing the dog.
  15. Well running round your local housing estate naked flashing will be an occupational hazard