Man fat question.

You know when you spill some man fat on a tiled floor,and have to clean it up before the wife brings the shopping in from the car?
What are the little bits in it that look like small grains of rice?
Syphillis fairies?
salt granules


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Does it taste like rice?
My dog licks mine up,,,and chew the tissues,,,but why oh why are you having a quick 50 in the kitchen?
Ignore everyone else. They're just guessing.

It's just the excess testicular cancer.
Ah, technically the small bits are called Pelliculis Gravis. They are caused by necrotisation of the testicular vasicules due to the adverse effects of continual or repeated masturbation using brillo pads or similar. You probably need to go and see a metallurgist, since the common name for your ailment is metal lurgy.
I've made enquiries and it would seem that the text book medical answer, obtained from a bloke in a donkey jacket in the TESCO toilets, is that you are so fucking gay that your bollocks have given up on you completely and are now ovulating. Apparently there is no known cure for your unmanly man fat!
Ask my Sister in law.
If my sister in law spat, when NAAFI law clearly states "swallow", I'd knock her out and wipe the fucking floor with her.........

......are you sure it was man're almost certainly still firing blanks......the kid's tapioca pudding perhaps......not your kids, mine.....
Rice?? Are you sure you've not just monked over the remnant of a spilt chicken balti?

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