Man Downs 6 Beers in 10 Seconds

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Green_Goblin, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. 9 pints of Guinness in 35 mins- follwed by a session of olympian spewing.
  2. On the same subject but off on a tangent a tad, has anyone tried the infamous "King Street Run" on surprisingly - King Street :headbang: Cambridge?

    See the History behind it here:

    King Street Run Mega Drinking Race!

    From Grimbish We used to organise Urban Orienteering events in Cambridge that took in several of the King Street Run Pubs...

  3. About 12 years ago there was a student pub in Plymouth (can't remember the name) where they had a 'How Low Can You Go?' challenge.

    Anyone drinking 8 pints in a session got a tee-shirt but the real challenge was to see how quick it could be done and they kept a record board.

    The story went that some guy necked back 8 pints in about 5 minutes, got his tee shirt then vented forth a stream of projectile vomit (aka Exorcist Steamy Pear Yoghurt) and collapsed face down onto the wooden floor, smashing his nose in the process. He was last seen being carried out by four of his mates, who probably dumped him in the park before going back to the pub.

    And of course, what about 'The Circle Line'? Anyone done that succesfully?
  4. I can down a pint of guinness in just over 2 seconds. I'm proper sophisticated, me.
  5. Best I've managed speed wise was downing a pint of Guiness in 4 seconds then projectile vomitting the lot across the table. Won me a another 3 pints off of my dad who was well proud as I was only 15.
  6. Not the circle line but done the monopoly board thats fcukin' messy.
  7. Beer in 3 seconds, guinness in 3½.

    Damned useful for getting a free drink, as in a largeish round some bar staff look for how many haven't got a drink, rather how many have been poured.

    Once did 6 pints of beer plus a beano-burger & chips in an hour (as timed by Sainsbury's clockout/in). Round trip of ½ mile included.
  8. Oh... yes...

    Monopoly Pub Crawl

    Circle Line sounds like fun!
  9. 10 shots of vodka in 10 seconds. Didn't stay down long mind. And I didn't stay up too long either.
  10. Guy at my first unit in Germany could down a pint in less than a second. It was bloody amazing. He just opened his throat tipped his head back and inhaled. Could swallow a banana in much the same way. Like a damn pelican with a fish.

    Another bloke could do a pint of Liebfrau fairly quickly as well. Deserves a mention for the sheer awfulness of the deed.

    I am a complete amateur, 6 or 7 secs if I am lucky.

  11. Thats just plain worrying
  12. One pint of Lamb's Navy Rum in 18 secs while standing one legged on a stool on top of a table. Can't remember the following eight hours but I was very, very sick indeed.
  13. 6-7 seconds? pathetic, i can do it in less than that and I'm a girl, not very ladylike but female none the less.

    A guy in our boat club literally inhales pints of beer, noone ever manages the first word of a drinking song before he's finished
  14. 12 Guinness 5 mins. On my stag night in the Reggie bar, I've always been quite good at pint racing and cos it was my stag night I had to race the nigs (Who were drinking water).

    However after a nice black vomit and a kebab I managed to carry on till 0500 and can still remember most of it.

    The downside is I look like total baggage in my wedding photos. No amount of soft focus can disguise the fact that I had a hangover that would kill a civvie