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When did The Royal Irish Rangers cease to exist? was it 1992? if so the oppos number is 1993 or later

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Mate, I worked with Bob at Kiddy a few years back. If anybody wants to confirm that this is legit please get them to PM me. I have donated and shared and will continue to do so. I cannot believe that the Federation have just washed their hands of him, well actually I can. They didn't get £56 million in the bank by helping people in need.
You are doing a great job. Thanks for your hard work. Anything I can do just ask.
Jingo - thanks mate. I do understand certain skepticism though and I know I didn't introduce the post in the best way. However, it looks like it will now get media attention, so once a wider audience is reached, I'm certain we'll reach the target pretty soon! We don't need the police federation - especially if that's their attitude - I wager a bet they won't enjoy the bad press though!
Why on earth are you looking at US-based air-ambulance companies? Expensive, and not always good quality.

It isn't clear from the info to date what state this guy is in, but if he's not ventilated such patients can usually be successfully managed on a scheduled airline flight. I have personally moved patients with high cervical fracture/dislocations on both long and short haul scheduled flights, and found it better than a cramped LearJet or Citation.

One of the issues in these cases is that you will either get ill-informed opinions - such as doctors who are not aeromed trained - or expensive opinions - an air ambulance operator will usually recommend a transport that will be most profitable for them. That is the case in the UK as well as elesewhere.

The first thing is to get accurate, up to date clinical information, and then get an opinion from a doctor or nurse who is trained and experienced in aeromedical evacuation. There is no rush with a case like this, as he's receiving appropriate care where he is.

The next thing is to ensure that there is a confirmed bed available in the UK for the patient - it is pointless making any travel arrangements unless this is done - and no professional aeromed operator would entertain it without. This requires proper medical liaison. It is never appropriate or acceptable to just turn up at A&E and hope for the best.

The team required will depend upon the specific clinical requirements, but is unlikely to be more than 3 pers. They will need to have the appropriate, flight certified kit, and be aeromed trained. They should be able to organise the airline stretcher fit (6-9 seats), medical clearance and any O2 required, together with lift-on/lift-off at airports.

Be very wary of companies in UK, USA and elsewhere that offer air ambulance services, unless it's their primary business. Many do not have the training, skills, experience or kit; others just act as brokers and add on a cut for themselves.

In the UK, look at Heathrow Air Ambulance and CEGA Aviation in Chichester. Elsewhere, REGA Swiss Air Ambulance, and Tyrolean Air Ambulance. All do both air ambulance and scheduled flight repats, and are good quality.
according to a newspaper article
is currently in a Thai hospital breathing through a ventilator via tracheotomy.
so that's going to make things a little more complicated
ViroBono - thanks for your post. Lot of great points in there. Initially, I applied for quotes from every man and his dog. That American company was the cheapest - by far, and said that if in this region, they could drop the price. They operate from dedicated Lear Jet Ambulances with fully insured and registered medical staff. Anyway, I found it too high of a figure to raise and that's why I embarked on the fund and appeals.

Estimates are still coming in, however, the commercial route will most likely be the route I'll take and currently, Thai Airways are indeed the only airline which offer this service from Thailand. You're correct with the seating - it will take 8 seats to accommodate the stretcher & equipment.

If you are interested in assisting in any way, please do - I've never attempted anything quite like this and any professional help I can get is absolutely appreciated.

The powers that be are looking after the necessary paperwork for repatriation (TRBL & British Embassy) and the NHS will be on standby once the move is finalised.

ExREME..TECH - well done mate - the Irish Rangers did disband in 1992 and I joined the Royal Irish Regiment in August 1994, but that doesn't make me any less of a Ranger. The Regiment was formed of the amalgamation of The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, The Royal Ulster Rifles and The Irish Fusiliers. My family served in and fought in all three regiments and I am still proud to call myself a Ranger. Faugh a Ballagh.
I know I will probably kick up a shit storm, many of us old and not so bold,decide to settle in weird and wonderful exotic out of the way places, we used to potter about Thailand in the early 80,s on our old BSA,s and have watched the big bike boys slowly emerge over the last 30 years and in places like Phuket and Cha am try to turn thai roads into the north circular, but not taking the thai driving habits into the equation is a recipe for disaster, surely one must have some form of backup plan in place ,just in case, this is a well publicised case of course help the guy ,but what if every disabled over 65 year old exsquaddie in deepest isaan expresses the wish to return to uk but has not got the brass,what happens then??we moved on from Thailand toaustralia and are now in spain, but a reasonable safetynet is hopefully in place, its no good after the fact asking ones self ,what am I going to do now, no matter who I served with I am still responsible for my own actions!!
Just seen this story on ITV News. Police buddies now doing something to raise cash- they've got about £6k towards the £50k required.
Good luck to the bloke and his family.
ExREME..TECH - well done mate - the Irish Rangers did disband in 1992 and I joined the Royal Irish Regiment in August 1994, but that doesn't make me any less of a Ranger. The Regiment was formed of the amalgamation of The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, The Royal Ulster Rifles and The Irish Fusiliers. My family served in and fought in all three regiments and I am still proud to call myself a Ranger. Faugh a Ballagh.
The Royal Irish Rangers didn't disband, they amalgamated.


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Great work Andy. More cash to come from me post payday. I have a couple of Paramedic Friends in WMAS who have offered help this end if he needs support on his transfer from UK airhead to Uk Hospital.
Did the snivelling Fed cough up anything in the end? I'm assuming not.
Jingo - thanks a million mate. I've preliminary book the flight for 19 Jan - the red tape is massive and that's the first possible opportunity to move - the embassy have prepared the necessary papers. The next piece of the puzzle is the airline doctor, permission & insurance to fly, followed by the move from current locstat to Bangkok.

I'm not certain which hospital Bob is going to, but I'll absolutely let you know if we need medical help on arrival.

Anybody reading this will appreciate the value in a solid and reputable travel insurance! If you're abroad and don't have it - GET IT NOW! I've never seen anything quite like this and never wish to again - nobody does!
I know it is harsh but the system will see him as nothing more than some bloke who lives in another country coming here for free treatment, the last 12 months is what matters and he didn't live here then, he chose not to.

Read the link in my post , it is a bit sobering. If they get him back here there is every chance he will just get a bill for any care anyway.
This might sound silly but you have made sure he is entitled to NHS treatment havent you? Being a British Citizen does not qualify you for NHS treatment as it depends on residency. If the individual has been living in Thailand for 2 years they are not ordinary resident and therefor do not qualify for free NHS treatment

Some people who are not ordinary residents in the UK are still entitled to at least some hospital treatment free of charge. These include those working for UK-based employers and students on courses of at least six months in duration. UK state pensioners living outside the EEA, and those visiting from countries that have a reciprocal healthcare agreement with the UK, are also entitled to free hospital treatment, but not pre-planned treatment or treatment that can await their return home

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