Man down, South Afghanistan (on 17 September 2007)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. No details yet, just highlighted on the BBC

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  2. oldmuso

    oldmuso Old-Salt

    UK soldier killed in Afghanistan

    A UK soldier has been killed and another injured in an explosion in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence has said.
    The death takes the total number of UK troops killed while on operations in Afghanistan since 2001 to 79.

    Of the 79 killed, 23 died from accidents, illness, or non-combat injuries, according to Ministry of Defence figures.

    The next of kin of the two soldiers have been informed.

  3. One dead one injured in an explosion.

  4. Rest In Peace
  5. Rackcatchplunger

    Rackcatchplunger Old-Salt

    RIP young man. Stand Easy
  6. BB51

    BB51 Old-Salt

    RIP. Lets hope the other one pulls through.
  7. Stephanie

    Stephanie War Hero

    RIP, my thoughts are with your family.

    Speedy recovery to the injured.
  8. The_0ne

    The_0ne Old-Salt

    RIP :(

    Thoughts with family, friends and comrades

    Speedy recovery to the injured
  9. The_Cad

    The_Cad Crow


    Best wishes to the wounded lad.
  10. The_0ne

    The_0ne Old-Salt

    More details

  11. RIP. Fingers crossed for the other lad.
  12. RIP Engineer
  13. RIP and hopefully a speedy recovery for the injured.
  14. REgards

    REgards LE

    RIP - Sad day for the Corps
  15. spins

    spins Old-Salt

    RIP - My thoughts with family and friends

    Speedy recovery to the injured