Man Down, signed copy for hols4heroes

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by Mr-D, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. I have agreed today to get a personally signed copy of " Man Down" by Royal Marine Mark Ormrod to auction for hols4,


    Review & more info

    Will leave up for one week, and it will probably take about a week or so to get copy back & forward to winner after that, any questions please PM me.

    Good luck all
  2. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

  3. Fantastic bids guys,
    Any more interest today?
  4. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)


    When will this auction end ??

    17th of September would be a week.

    So, keep the bids going, folks !![/align]
  5. Thanks for the bump YIM,

    Will call it a day at midnight tonight, so get some more bids in folks...................
  6. runs till midnight JB, might have to hang on there............
  7. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Don't you owe me a book PG. Besides shouldn't you be in my neck of the woods abusing cloggies?
  9. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    You're welcome, Mr-D. :)

  10. Why thank you YIM,
  11. £60.00
  12. Fantastic bid grimbo, one hour to go