Man dies while Risk Assessment Exercise is carried out.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PE4rocks, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Words fail me;

  2. “The first member of our staff to arrive carried out a full on-scene risk assessment and requested police assistance due to safety concerns,” the spokesman said. “He then took the decision to enter the property alone, while maintaining telephone contact with our control room"

    Although concerned for his own safety the Paramedic still entered the property on his own. Paramedics are not police officers who are paid substantial amounts to take risks. This Paramedic went into a situation on his own even though he thought there was danger. Hindsight is a fab thing. At that moment when he assessed the situation on the ground he thought there was a risk.

    Crews are routinely asked to attend addresses with the bare minimum of information and are routinely assaulted. Remember most ambulance service are not given PPE of the likes of stab vests etc.

    The ambulance services are increasingly subjected to a whole host of stress and inappropriate behavior and it is not fair to judge this paramedic who was obeying the first law of first aid....assessing for danger. Right or wrong this paramedic made a decision. It would have been entirely different if he entered the property and was subsequently stabbed.

    edited to add - i appreciate the families concern and condolences on their loss - i am just backing up on increasingly abused front line NHS workers who take more risks than we will ever know or will be reported in the press.
  3. The First Responder was and is a fcuking coward!
  4. My bold, wrong answer, the first law/rule of first aid is ........... to preserve life !!!!
  5. Seems like a breakdown on comms between the medic and the control room is as much to blame. If they'd told him that they told this poor bloke to leave his door open then it's more likely that the medic would have gone in, possibly (and it's a big possibly) saving him.
  6. wasn't as answer - was a statement - and i appreciate the comment.
  7. Then you've forgotten a lot about 1st aid. The first rule is dont become a casualty yourself.
  8. I don't care if you appreciate the comment. And BTW front-line is a military thing; don't kid yourself you are "front line". It makes a great sound bite but it's b0llox!
  9. Spoken by someone who obviously has never worked in the EMERGENCY services.

    They are civilians not members of the security forces single manned in south London, is not a fun job. But of course is more per hour cost effective and looks good on an excel sheet
  11. Lets not get into a Army v Civvi Emergency Services pizzing contest shall we gents?

    There's an interesting underlying issue with all this. Have the Emergency services gone too far up their elf n safety arrses to be a real service to the public?
  12. And you know that because? Actually I have worked in EMEGENCY SERVICES. So be a good chap, do a Risk Assessment and stay at home! It's safer!
  13. And don't call her a Gent :D
  14. Bugger, back to diversity training for me......again :roll: :D
  15. This is not the NAFFI so i will refrain. Not going to get a bite chappy. like Seagul says, not a pissing contest. I would hate to think what emergency service who are/were part of that make you not understand the everyday risk we are put under. Back on track me thinks.