Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lgnd-bev, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. RIP

    It's dusty in here.
  2. What a crap thing to occur - what sort of person goes out fitted up and then indulges in a snowball fight?? Sometimes I wonder what further depths we're going to plunge to.....

    RIP young man
  3. That's taking escalation a bit too far.

    RIP Mr Burke
  4. 'Kin hell. Bit extreme that.

    I got ambushed by some little tw@ts last weekend, when I had to slow down to go round the joyrider chicanes at the bottom of my estate, in the motor.

    I wanted to give them a boot up the arrse, but stabbing them would be a bit extreme.
  5. lie still brother
  6. Stand down yaddayaddayadda
  7. No wonder the Yanks take guns to their snowball fights.
  8. At least it was only half a brick rolled up in snow when I was that age. Cunt.
  9. I hope his mum kept the receipts.
  10. Unlucky, if he have of given it a few weeks and there would of been no snow balls left to fight with with global warming set to melt us all...

  11. Was he Welsh?
  12. Maybe that white fluffy thing the eye witness saw was not in fact a snowball.....but a sheep that hit him?

  13. Tragic...he still owed me a tenner! :twisted:
  14. What a waste of a life....

    What could possibly have been caused by a snowball fight that would warrant a persons murder?

    Shame we couldn't hang (or preferabley stab) the murderer. I have a feeling we'd have less stabbings if the stabbers felt the cold steal plunged in to their own bodies in return.