What a crap thing to occur - what sort of person goes out fitted up and then indulges in a snowball fight?? Sometimes I wonder what further depths we're going to plunge to.....

RIP young man
That's taking escalation a bit too far.

RIP Mr Burke
'Kin hell. Bit extreme that.

I got ambushed by some little tw@ts last weekend, when I had to slow down to go round the joyrider chicanes at the bottom of my estate, in the motor.

I wanted to give them a boot up the arrse, but stabbing them would be a bit extreme.
At least it was only half a brick rolled up in snow when I was that age. Cunt.
Unlucky, if he have of given it a few weeks and there would of been no snow balls left to fight with with global warming set to melt us all...

What a waste of a life....

What could possibly have been caused by a snowball fight that would warrant a persons murder?

Shame we couldn't hang (or preferabley stab) the murderer. I have a feeling we'd have less stabbings if the stabbers felt the cold steal plunged in to their own bodies in return.

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