Man dies after police taser incident

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Because black is the consensual colour.
He was 20, and there's nothing in the report that says the taser caused his death! He could've been off his face on colombian dancing dust/heroin/crack, all of which could've killed him!

How about we wait for PM results before blaming the men in black and their toys!
Editted to add, if the taser DID kill him, he had a dodgy ticker and would've carked eventually. Probably when he overstrained it legging it with someone else's flatscreen!
BBC News - Barrow Taser arrest man dies

Another taser incident and another death. Seems to me like it might be a step to far in equipping the police. Also why are the police now dressing in black instead of blue?
A step too far? Why? The Police are only supposed to use taser, in situations where a person becomes extremelly violent and/or presents a clear threat to Poice Officers or members of the public. They are also warned before officers 'open fire'.

If criminals dont like harsh punishment or in this cnuts case getting zapped and dying, then dont ****ing break the law. Simple as that.
Also they do not just deploy and use a tazer with out due cause and warnings
Buzz Buzzzz,I love the smell of arcing electricity,,,But seriously tho police uniforms did used to be black,complete with black buttons,black helmet badges and black capes,they also carried periscope shaped torches (in black of course),I don't know how they eventually became navy blue but in my area they were all black in the 1950s......
Another roider gone nuts?

"…Tributes are today being paid to Mr Burns.

Stan Dewhurst, 48, boss of Flex Appeal, Hartington Street, Barrow, described Mr Burns as being like a son to him.

Mr Burns worked and was a member at Flex Appeal.

Mr Dewhurst said: "I have known him since he started coming to the gym aged about 15 or 16. He has always been into his bodybuilding.…"

North West Evening Mail | Home | Dad dies after Taser shot arrest
Had to spend a few moments working out what you meant by "'roider" - that might explain the heart trouble.
Looks like he was a bodybuilding fanatic. No wonder he was in a 'roid rage.

I wonder also how all the steroids affected his heart for him to go MI with a single jolt.

The family will be wanting answers (understandably), but I wonder if people will flock to their side, despite the obvious fact that the police deemed him enough of a risk to require armed officers.
One less trouble maker. Simples.
They were quite right to ****ing zap him, maybe we are seeing the start of some new policing, where they come down hard on cnuts breaking the law and are allowed to do their job without worrying about hurting the poor, underprivileged criminal?

Oh wait, AI are butting in, never mind, back to making sure criminals must be handled nicely and nothing said to offend them.
Why black?

Because pink and flufy (that you would clearly like) is so expensive and hard to look after nd keep smart.

In my whole and times mildly disreputable life and despite more gallons of real ale than I can imagine - I have never given a policeman cause to Tazer me. If one ever does reach towards his tazer I will do exactly as he say - its a simple approach which may save my life. Perhaps we need some Public Information films - "if an armed copper tells you to do something, do as your told or die" It might save more lives than that "eat 5-a-day" or "don't drink&drive" shite.


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Not much point debating this further since you were clearly all present at the incident and can state categorically that he deserved it.
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