Man cuts up car in clamp protest

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bandalong, May 12, 2008.

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  1. This article almost bought tears to my jaundiced eyes...

    Are the jobsworth really that bad these days?

    BBC News
  2. If you have any doubts about it just read a couple of the threads here on arrse and you'll clearly see that they are indeed that bad. And they are here on arrse. Here's the responses of two arrse coppers- they really do appear to see us all as criminals waiting to be caught.

    A man spent 18 hours in a police cell over a discarded apple core.

  3. So now the OB are getting blamed for NCP (whoever they are) Jobsworths clamping cars. Ho hum....Not content with that, instead of trying to add your own considered opinion on this subject, you link in another thread slating the OB.

    If you want to knock the OB, knock away. Don't dilute your argument by tenuous links to other threads, which, if I may say so, didn't DIRECTLY involve the police. They would have been called in this instance to prevent a Breach of the Peace I imagine. Why not knock the central villains in this sorry little tale, the NCP?

    I suppose you would like a heap of $hite chavmobile blocking your road/path would you? On second thoughts don't bother answering that. :roll:
  4. It's the same jobsworth mentality that's all. We find it in newspaper articles and we find it hard to believe that officials could be so petty and jobsworth. My point is that it's not isolated incidents of newsworthy jobsworthness as we get coppers and others posting on the relevant threads with exactly the same level of jobsworthness.
    The average man on the street is being increasingly criminalised - We are watched on camera, pounced on by officialdom left right and centre and these people's attitude says- we bring it on ourselves.
    We did- through not rising up, organising and overthrowing this corrupt and evil regime that pretends to be our democratic government.
  5. National Car Parks has an annual turnover of £140 million and employs 4,000 people to Police Car Parks. It would now appear that their remit with local authorities extends beyond mere car park attending and out into the streets and alleyways of the country to clamp untaxed vehicles. At first we had Policemen who have apparently become very expensive, then we had erzatz Politzi enforcing the law in support of them who are slightly cheaper and now we have car-park attendants in support of the Police and the PCSOs!

    We have, in facts, a veritable cornucopia of officialdom exercising draconian powers over the public.

    The Police state appears to be undergoing a gradual outsourcing to such an extent that it appears to exasperate ordinary members of the public to such an extent that they act in a most extraordinary manner!
  6. Yes you really got one over on them :roll:
  7. Hell probably be charged with running an unlicenced car dismanating business next. :lol:
  8. Ive been clamped twice and on both occasions I have ground off the padlock and replaced at my expense (fiver) and left contact details and invited them to offer to make the repairs to my car that the clampers left.

    They called and said I'd damaged their property, I apologised and said I'd replaced the damaged article, I then asked if they would do me the same favour and I heard nothing more.
  9. Digressing back to the apple core story, the Mail did their usual inflated headline making it appear that the police had been over zealous in their actions over a trivial offence. If you read further you see that the man was uncooperative and refused to comply with their requests.
    Actiontoday - Im just wondering what you would do if (and Im assuming you are a serving member of HMF) a subordinate refused one of your order's? If you are prepared to let them off then you are at best weak and more likely unbefitting your rank. I guess that most would see that person charged for disobeying a direct order or conduct unbecoming.
    Remember that the Mail also ran a stort questioning why the Barrister in Chelsea was shot, despite him firing at them, and also quoted a "neighbour" who said that the police were heavy handed and that they should have called for his parents to defuse the situation.
    Awful, awful journalism. Im glad I switched to the Times about a year ago.
  12. For your information sparky the general public are NOT subordinates of the police no matter how much jobsworth cnuts like the ones referred to might think we are.
  13. People like that make the world "interesting"...

    But to be fair it sounds like an admin cock up;

    "Mr Taylor said he made several efforts to explain that the car had a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) certificate verifying it had not been driven on the road and that it had been parked on his drive."

    Not too sure I'd take to the thing with an angle grinder though :p
  14. There's a difference between a serviceman refusing to obey a lawful direct order and a member of the public refusing to answer the demands of some jumped up twerp treating a civil offence as if it was a criminal matter. And yes, the Police reacted excessivly, I'm sure many people here have witnessed true criminal behaviour that has gone unpunished, for example, having a piss in a public place is a criminal offence, yet people seem to think they can piss wherever they want. Smoking Skunk is still an offence, yet I bet you'll pass someone this week puffing away in a public place, ever seen a Copper stop someone smoking a controlled substance on the streets and nick them?
  15. Rickshaw - soz, not charged anyone in a while so Im not 100% up to speed. As for the times, didn't see that bit but generally think its not biased or sensationalist and does damn good rugby coverage.
    EX_STAB where did I say that general public are subordinate to the police? I was trying to put in into a military context. However, I would say that the police are there to police us and if someone is acting untowards the they are there to sort it.