Man commits suicide in a mobility buggy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Sounds like a comedy skit of the ending of Quadrophenia!
  2. I assume there was a massive explosion following the impact or did all those films from the 1970's mislead us?
  3. RIP mobility milk tray man.
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  4. That's cheered me up no end.Lets hope it starts a trend.
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  5. Good. Cunts, should have had every other pavement pest tied to it.
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  6. Well we know who it's not.
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  7. 32 feet per second!
  8. Brilliant. His grandkids will have serious street cred when they tell their mates that he died in the electric chair.

    Seriously though, I wonder if he qualifies for some sort of speed record.
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  9. No, but his scooter qualifies for a free service.
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  10. Considering the number of patients our local Ophthalmology unit used to see that were legally blind and were still driving round in these things, it wouldn't surprise me if he just couldn't see which way he was going and thought he was going home!
  11. Rumour has it, he was meeting up with a blind date.
    But they stood him up.
  12. Won't need it. Looks fine to me.

  13. Horrified witnesses at the notorious cliff suicide spot in East Sussex heard the elderly man say: “I’m so tired” before plunging over the 530ft drop.

    He will not be tired now