Man claiming to be Navy SEAL turns out to be ...


Mark The Convict

'NYPD officers searched Day's pickup truck and found a 9mm semiautomatic pistol and three magazines full of ammo.'

The pansy. If he'd been carrying an SLR and 10 x 30 round mags, he'd have got off through sheer awesomeness.
The real reason he was put away is because when they searched his gear they found Osama Bin Ladens beard.


Book Reviewer
Once he was released into the Navy's care the article states they were to treat him for PTSD. My question is, what in heavens name did they do to a SEAL while in the NYC Psych lock-up that caused PTSD?! Are their Psych units similar to the former Soviet ones?
All charges against Day have been deferred, and it's unclear how he was able to prove his status."
Must have done the special secret SEAL dance they teach you before graduating.


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