Man City Players flies in 22 Instagram Italian models for Bunga Bunga

I bet any hole on the models was a goal


That hotel is about 200m from my old place. Ex missus still lives there i think. THere were always scummy footie players from the manc teams around that place, really brought the place down tbh.
Met Frannie Lee there at a wedding, he was father or grandfather of the bride, wee bloke but top laugh.

Fake Sheikh

This one has a full entertainment system on her chest.

Wonder if she got to score a hat trick?
Since it's wendyball, I'm more surprised that all the models aren't men.
All the models in the article look the same. Pumped up lips and silicone tits.
I hope all the City players get the clap.


Book Reviewer
This is simply hysterical censoriousness.

Man City players should be able to debauch themselves wherever and whenever, or at least until catching Liverpool becomes a mathematical impossibility.

One can only wonder at their psychological state if beating Aston Villa inspires such a Saturnalia.
And that's why they're not going to win the league this year.


Contrast with Andy Robertson [Liverpool left back for the uninitiated] who admits that he doesn't drink alcohol at all during the season.

ETA: Silicon Mingers. Money can buy class -- low class.
Not with yours.
One of the Man City "fixers" lived near me in England. I doubt if his wife would let him sort that sort of thing out, anyway she is ten times better looking than that load of silicone.

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