Man City FA Cup Final Win 1969 Signed Print

As the title says, I have been given this print by Titch at autograph art it is signed by all but one of the winning team, dont ask me which one, I am told the minimum retail price is £125. The owner of the company is an ex Sgt from the RA who supports what we are doing
okay, been off and on due to thieving gypos, so ill say £50
Dave, how do you want the dosh? Also regarding the print, keep it or at a later date try to re-raffle, or whatever but its to low a price to let it go for, but ill pay what i placed anyway.
Gutted just seen the thread and missed out. Big Citeh fan. Was going to add to the collection i have. So far have all but 2 of the match programmes from that year so that would have just about topped it off.

Oh well.
well then say something over £50 and its yours
oh well, maybe not that big a fan. Anyway Dave money to hooverbags or?
Dave, yes like i said, re-auction it or keep it till you know your going to get a better price, would have bid more but cant at moment.
Dave money sent to MDN tonight.
Got it, cheers chaps

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