Man charged with murder of Sappers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by foggy_balla, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. 41 year old male charged with 8 offences, including murder. No name but an 8 year old chipmunk with learning disability could hazard a guess as to identity. Praying the charges are upheld and the **** rots in hell.

    Scum charged
  2. Meanwhile, an insanitary group of beardy weidies, tracksuit wearers and other assorted human trash calling themselves 'Provisional Sinn Fein' gave a press conference at which the only one capable of stringing two meaningful words together talked about casualties of war. These eejits are apparently the political end of CIRA; in the last elections they got less than 1% of the vote.
  3. Apologies for playing the pedant card. That bunch of beardy weirdies are Republican Sinn Fein. Same scum, same basic aims (just a little less ambiguous in how they wish to achieve "Brits out" than their house-trained compatriots in Provisional Sinn Fein). The trackie clad dicks with O'Sama are local hoods from Craigavon/Lurgan direction, wheeled out to whine off camera about how the nasty police are violating their human rights by carrying out lawful searches of their homes.
  4. Fingers crossed he goes down for it.
  5. It looks like the' Provisional Sinn Fein ' have decided to try their luck by looking like Muslim extremists.Perhaps they hope the Guv will turn a blind eye to them as well. I noticed their spokesman couldn't look anyone in the eye.

    Good news on the arrest and charges.
  6. You are quite right, Foggy. I stand corrected.
  7. Most of you posting on this thread don't need me to point out that there is a world of difference between "being charged" and actually reaching the sentencing stage. This piece of vermin will have every possible legal resource available to him, so that he can eventually be released back into his sewer "on a technicality".
    I hope I am wrong, but I am not turning cartwheels just yet (not that I am physically capable in any case).
    Fingers and everything else crossed that he goes down.
  8. I do get irritated when the BBC (Radio5) refer to the murders as "the fatal shooting of 2 British Soldiers". No - it was calculated murder.
  9. Its Colin DUFFY. Lets hope that they can make it stick this time.
  10. Loaded_not_ready -

    You are absolutely correct - lets hope it sticks THIS TIME and we do not have a re-run of his last court appearence when he beat the rap for murdering Sy Force members.

    We will remember them

  11. Hopefully, someone will remember this tw@t too, and give him what he deserves...

    Maybe a normal prison in England would be a good place to send him. He'd get such a shoeing... I'd pay £250 to see that on You've Been Framed (pun intended, he'll probably claim he was!)
  12. the Beardie Weirdies on TV were lead by Richard Walsh - a 'PRO' for RSF - Richard Walsh, who belives that the legitimate government of Ireland meets in a cowshed in County Louth, is absolutely not a poster (and nutter)called 'Risteard' on

    weird thing though: Colin Duffy is a leader/founder of a dissident micro-goup called Eirigi, a group that has, while slagging down PSF and the Gerry and Martin show for an abject betrayal of all things Republican (hard to argue with that), also consistantly criticised the two other micro-groups (32CSM and RSF) that are affiliated with RIRA and CIRA specifically for their attitude to violence.

    it doesn't make sense - either his group has been a completly fabricated front, though its taken an awful lot of work to produce in the face of some pretty fierce opposition from within violent dissident republicanism - or PSNI don't have the first idea what is happening within dissident circles and have just napped the first 'dissident republican' to cross their path.

    for those not au fait with the inner machinations with such circles, its not unakin to John Hume blowing up Canary Wharf. it doesn't fit.

    its very, very odd.
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