Man charged with lewd behavior in toy aisle


Alright...who was it...??

Man caught w*nking over toys

An Olathe man was charged today for masturbating in the toy aisle of a discount store in Shawnee, police said.

Lloyd Alexander, 45, faces a misdemeanor charge of lewd and lascivious behavior for the alleged incident Thursday evening. Police said the man masturbated in front of a Hot Wheels display at the Wal-Mart at 16100 W. 65th St., but stopped the act whenever people walked near.

He told police he had a Hot Wheels collection, said Shawnee Capt. Bill Hisle. “He seemed to be excited by the toys for some reason.”
Well when you gotta gotta go!

Don't call them 'hot' wheels for nothing you know!

Edited for spaz spelling
I used to do the same thing over my sisters barbie collection.

Not me. I'm more of a stickle Bricks man.
I forget what the film is called but it's kinda like an american pie/road trip type film. Quite amusing from what I remember too.

She also has a drunken snog with her brother (in the film of course)

Edited to add: EuroTrip I beleive the film is called

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