Man charged over burglar murder

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoeCivvie, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. If someone's in my house they deserve to die.
  2. Having a Stand Your Ground law in the UK probably wouldn't work, since the largest weapon we are legally allowed to own is a well-sharpened pencil. Thus, anyone who is able to stand their ground would probably end up in the dock anyway, charged with possessing a blade longer than two inches. Harumph!
  3. Not true, you can have a longer one in your home, even an axe.
  4. The story posted lacks some details but based on what is stated it seems that the prosecutors are a bit overenthusiastic. There should be some ability to protect oneself and others.

    Interestingly I have just finished reading a story from my sideof the pond on a shooting in Boston yesterday. A patient in a psychiatric office in Boston repeatedly stabbed his female psychiatrist during a session in her office. An off duty security guard who was carrying his weapon (legally) and was in the waiting area with a family member ran in and when the psych patient did not drop the knife put two rounds in his chest and a third in his head. Patient died, doctor is in serious but stable condition at Mass. General Hospital (a top hospital in Boston) where she practiced..

    The security guard was questioned by police and released. A police officer said they did not expect charges to be filed. One of the stories did say that 4 hours after the incident a lawyer had already been retained by the dead patients family.

    Oddly, last Friday I was in the same building one floor up to see an eye surgeon. I am glad the shooting did not start while she was giving the injection to my eyelid.
  5. It is an evergreen issue and one that I, as one who likes to consider himself a reasonable bloke, struggle with.
    I understand that we cannot have vigilante style justice and that we have the rule of law for our general safety and well being.....but, someone breaking into your home, uninvited and with malevolent intention, should expect violent retaliation from the occupants. Indeed, I believe that they invite it.
    Not only do I think that is fair and reasonable, so it seems do the majority of my fellow citizens.

    The deceased Mr Juett would be alive and well had he not entered the home of Mr Roberts uninvited and conversely, of course, Mr Roberts would have stabbed no one if Mr Juett had just gone about his own business.

    My views may well be seen as simplistic or naive, I'm no lawyer, but I would be interested in the views of people either police or other legally trained persons to explain to me the reasoning for Mr Roberts being in the dock. If the facts are as reported, I would be up for giving him a pat on the back and buying him a pint.
  6. Because, in the commission of their crime, Juet and the other chav caused yet another crime to take place - does that mean they could be done for conspiracy? :D
  7. Hush Joe, you'll be giving the lawyers ideas. Anything to dip their fingers into the legal aid purse. :wink:
  8. Ummm... I wish we could look forward to both chavs being charged with aiding and abetting and/or being an accessory.

    But I agree with other posters (on this thread and others passim) that anyone entering a property with intent to misbehave waives any rights... the (unpublished :p ) Convention on Human Responsibilities should take precedent
  9. But I agree with other posters (on this thread and others passim) that anyone entering a property with intent to misbehave waives any rights... the (unpublished :p ) Convention on Human Responsibilities should take precedent[/quote]

    Ouch !! Under this wonderful government, the criminals now have greater human rights than the victims.
  10. fking immigrants, diluting the bloodline, taking our jobs, killing our burglars
  11. Classic
  12. so when they break in to my house and want to rape my wife and 9 year old, I can't take any action...........

    Yeah right. I'll worry about their "rights" way after mine and my families.

    Hope the case is thrown out as it should be.
  13. Americans, for all their faults, have a far more intelligent attitiude towards self-defense than the UK. 8)

    The Septices believe that if you break into someone's property and/or attack them, then anything that happens to you is YOUR fault. Can't take the pain? Don't play the game. :twisted:

    How ironic that the Castle Doctrine, named after the old saying that an Englishman's home is is his castle, does apply in the UK. As I stated on another Thread yesterday, I have no faith in or respect for the UK's "justice system". It is a pathetic joke. :evil:

    The most useless sound-bite ever that was emitted by the second most useless politician ever.

    I'm glad the thieving man died - cheerful and happy about it. I wish the unnamed 14 year old had died too.

    My only sorry and sympathy is for the man charged with murder and for his relatives and friends.

    Why murder? Why not manslaughter? Justifiable manslaughter. Whilst I'm raging about this, why do we not name the execrable filth because they are under whatever 'effing age? Name and shame them and their families.


    New Labour's view on crime and criminals - Justice Secretary, Joke Secretary more like!!
  15. I liked the comment from the lads defence lawyer .. "Some say he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I say he was in the right place at the right time. An Englishmans home is his castle" .. :D .. heres hoping he is as eloquent in front of the jury and the lad walks.

    Having had my flat burgled a few years back when I was Offshore I think this lad should be given a round of applause, 40k for life and chaffeur driven to the House of Commons by the Tories. There he should be paraded as a living example of what Neu Arbeits "Tough on Crime, Tough on the Causes of Crime" pledge should be all about.

    Big Boys Games, Big Boys Rules.