Man-Beer: A franchise opportunity!

A nostalgic recollection of times spent drinking warm ‘Man-beer’ in the Naafi bar, has given me much cause for thought... Recently, I have noted with interest the ever growing range and popularity of quirky organic beers and assorted alcopops et al. And given the new-age metro-sexual civvys’ naivety, have hit upon a cunning plan:

Now, it seems that the average price of a pint of wife-beater and a bottled beer/alcoshiote are, by and large, about the same. So, where a dozen pints @ £3.50 each would cost you £42, carefully decanting from an industrial sized colostomy bag and re-bottling, should harvest in the region of 20 x 330ml bottles of ‘product’ with a retail value of £70 – thus realising a 66.666% profit - £28 for essentially, just going on the p1ss.

I think this will make an excellent franchise opportunity for members’ of the Arrse. And the Mr Potatoe Head image would make an ideal logo. Buying in from a discount warehouse or a continental booze cruise would greatly increase profitability, too.

Arrsers: the floor, is yours...
Sounds like a piss-poor drink.
Sounds like something similar we gave to a civvy electrician who was working in the block in colly back in 1985. It was christmas after all and he had never tasted "imported German beer" before. Luckily for him he was not aware that it had been inside the bladders of 2 squaddies 5 mins before. To be fair he did drink it all.

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