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Man beaten up in Stowmarket.

Seriuos thread this, does anyone know what happened in Stowmarket on Saturday night. A friend of my daughters got severly beaten by 3 or 4 squaddies outside the Jokers on Saturday night in the cinema car park. He is currently in hospital with a fractured skull amongst other things, and may lose the sight in one eye. Anyone withinfo can PM me. Cheers...
Mighty_doh_nut said:
systemvalue said:
members of a certain regt not recieving AH, i heard.
The 17/21st Lancers? :D
Fcuk off!!! Those lads couldn't beat up my Grandma. I've eaten scarier rice puddings.

I do sympathise with the lad who got a hiding but not knowing the details of the incident I am not making judgement. In my experience incidents are rarely one sided. If he was genuinely set upon for no reason I hope the culprits are brought to justice.

Either way I hope the lad recovers.


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