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Man banned from talking to women...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frog_face, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. No sh$t, I don't know if this is a punishment or gift not to speak to women for 5 years.

    Seriously, click here to see a photo of the wierd cnut.

    Reminds me of the wierdo who kept getting arrested for having sex with pavements and bin bags, he was always in the news.
  2. genius, defineatly a punishment, i think.......

    he even looks the part, there's a man who has sex with pavements????
  3. Must have been on day release from the Defence Academy!
  4. What a fruitcake, sex offenders register, more like basket weaving course!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, it was in my Wierd Book of Sex (it was gift) had all these wierd stories. The bloke was always in The Sun I believe, he was arrested many times gyrating on kerbs or doing pervy stuff in public places.

    Had this other bloke, in USA I think who was having sex with a chicken when this huge boulder fell down and crushed him (and his feathery date) to death. Had a photo as well....
  6. well i would :D
  7. i saw something in the mirror the otherday about a bloke done for having "unnatural" relations with his sheep.....

    this is serious....

    he couldnt be properly charged because it couldnt be proven the sheep had suffered "emotional damage".....

  8. right bunch of weirdos, sick actually, where did he put it, a fu**in pothole, it must "burn" against the concrete......

    sick sick man.
  9. Brilliant: