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Hello all, about to deploy back to the sandy place and am trying to decide which manbg to go for, must be able to hold a A4 folder, (comes with the job) a couple of smoke/L109 and at least 6 mags.

Any thoughts from and owners both good and bad please.

Arktis are good quality. Different sizes are available so if for instance you wanted one which could take a laptop then your sorted there. Also Arktis now make selected items in desert DPM. This is on special request.
I've got a mate who makes these "man bags" to order using mil-spec materials and techniques (He's a serving Sapper and used one of his own recently in Afghan). He did the equipment repair course so he knows his way round a sewing machine :D

He's sold a couple of his on eBay and got good feed back. If anyone would be interested I'll drop him a line and see how he's doing for materials at the moment, I know he has to get most of the buckles etc from the USA.


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Duty rumour at the moment is that DCIPT is looking at getting these in to be op issue kit. I have no idea of dates, scalings, specification etc.

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