man bags v vests on herrick

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by secondtonone, May 10, 2007.

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  1. whats the best option with carrying ammo? claymore style bags or the osprey pouches?
  2. Due to the impending defence cuts required to pay for Mr Blair's imminent departure, you will only be issued with one mag containing twenty eight rounds(this is to ensure you don't exert undue pressure on the mag spring, thus saving money in the long run). These rounds will be expected to last the duration of your tour, so selective fire will be the order of the day.

    With this in mind I would suggest keeping said mag in your weapon and not worrying about pouches.

    In all seriousness I can't help with that one mate, but take care out there.
  3. I have used the claymore type bags briefly and found that they were ideal for carrying extra ammo and smoke etc rather than having them in your daysack. Personally, I would stick to the vest/pouches and if you are carrying a lot of ammo then put the rest into a claymore bag. They are ally as you do see lots of Para regt types using them but dont substitute practicality for ally-ness.
  4. Obviously it's down to personal preference and no doubt someone else will post exactly the opposite of me, however personally i found the Osprey with issued pouches fine when in a static location like district centre where mobility is not such an issue.
    However, Osprey was regarded as unpopular for patrolling due to the difficulty to go prone, get the weapon in the shoulder and move/climb etc. It depends on what orders are issued depending on the threat assessment obviously, but wherever possible i used ECBA with the old issued style vest with a claymore bag. Though probably clouding the issue i hope this helps a little.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Pouches for filled mags, and a bag to drop them into. Not actually tried that myself, but strikes me as an option. The above comment about using for smoke and extra ammo is a good idea too.
  6. Some guys tried a thigh pounch for dumping empty mags into, didnt rate it myself as it kept riding up, but depends on individual tastes. I think the company that made them was called "Viper".
    As Mag_to_grid suggested using the clamore/51 mortar bomb bag for smoke, grenades, miniflares etc seemed to work with ammo pounches being used for ermm..ammo.
  7. You could get that brand and watch it fall apart or you could buy one made in the UK that actually works and lasts

    The same place does thigh mounted ammo pouches and bags from the air marker panel set for those manly war essentials...

    Blackhawk also do a shed load of leg pouches and platforms. Pricey in UK but cheaper in the PX. If you can ever get near one.
  8. Thinking back on the original question; I know The Vikings were racing around before Herrick buying up any 'man bags' they could find. As to how effective these are I haven't a clue having never used one. It'll be the same as always; some will love the bag option and swear by it while others will brand it bone and swear against it.

    Will your CSM even let you use the bag option?
  9. Is the "Man bag"/Claymore bag the item otherwise known as "Bandolier, General purpose" or something like that?
  10. No, that would be a bandolier.
  11. Oh right. The ones I had in mind looked more like a bag than what I'd think of as a bandolier but that's what they said on the label. They would certainly have taken a couple of mortar bombs.
  12. Actual claymore bags are like rocking horse sh*t to get hold of these days, there are civvi made alternatives, I know that RMP CP teams use a black cordura type one made by PWL (Price Western Leather) and they are quite good quality. PWL do make DPM/Olive green items on request too.
  13. I know the ones you mean; for the 51mm Mortar? They'd do the job, I've used one in FIBUA to supplement a chest rig. Got in the way a bit and I didn't use it again. And yes, I know I've just contradicted my earlier statement about personal experience.
  14. Troopers make a man-bag type thingy that'll carry 6mags, a couple of grenades and some docs/maps/skinny items. Not cheap at £49.99, but looks like the dogs danglies (being from troopers and all). There's a thread already running on it here.
  15. From what people are saying on this thread, it looks like a combination of osprey pouches and claymore type bags may be the way ahead on Herrick (Havent been, was on Fingal and Telic though) the troopers grab bags look good but im sure the proper claymore bags would do the job just as good. Try getting one from a US supplier as I imagine they are ten a penny over there.