Man bags - so 2008?

My man bag served me well on TELIC when I needed a few extras but not enough to warrant a daysack. Does anyone still use them or have they been banned by the load carriage fashion police?
I don't know about Afg, but they seem to be all the rage for Lt Cols in PJHQ.


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I saw 3 Crab Officers walking through Tidworth today, all dressed in C95(DPM) and all with MTP Manbags. I was with my boss, RAWO and FSA - and all were laughing at them.
If the black nasty brigade (tm) still like them....are they ever out of fashion?

Back 28 years ago when the son and heir was an infant and needed someone with diapers (nappies), wet wipes and feeding bottles nearby is used an old gas mask shoulder bag for the baby stuff. Wife usually used a softpink bag with little bunnies embroidered on it but on my shift, especially her USNR drill weekends, was more comfortable with the olive drab bag for some reason. Also, when my son was in hospital for a week or so, one of us always stayed with him and on my shift (night shift) used the old reliable gas mask bag to carry the walkman, beeper, paperback book etc at the hospital.

Note to sprogs: a Walkman was what we used to listen to music before the iPod or CD player were invented. A "beeper" was used to get messages before the cell phone and blackberry were invented. Paperback books were used to read before we had the Kindle, Nook or iPad.
Hmm, the jury seems to be out. Crabs - no, Them - maybe. Being a Crab who got his bag from one of Them, I am now unsure of my position, though not which bus I am on (this one, not the other one).
Not sure which 3 Crabs thought there was need for safety in numbers, but I am quite often in Tidworth on my own.


There were lots in evidence on the flight out as crab air decided to to allow us to have our cabin baggage. i.e. daysack, in the cabin.

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