Man at Sellafield sacked for being fat

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FunkyNewBlood, Jan 6, 2005.

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  1. Comments please. :p

    On a serious note, security must make sense. Ask any Int Corps bod.

    A thirty stone man has been sacked because he was too fat to get through the security turnstiles at work.

    Graeme Ivison, 27, also couldn't fit into his decontamination suit at the British Nuclear Fuels plant at Sellafield, Cumbria reports the Mirror.

    A spokesman said: "He was too overweight to complete tasks essential to his role."

    Health physics monitor Graeme, from Whitehaven is fighting for his job back. He said: "I'm gutted. I can't tell you how chuffed I was to get a job at Sellafield.

    "How do you think it feels to have those things said about you publicly?"

    For all Simpsons fans - Remember the King Sized Homer episode?
  2. Tough titties. If he is such a blooter and can't fit into his safety suit, then he's a liability to himself and others around him.
    Loose weight fatty and get yer job back, and ye might live longer and have less chance of heart disease etc...

    Loved that Simpsons episode :) Then again, there's not many I don't like.

  3. If the MOD adopt the same attitude we can expect to lose most of the birds in the RLC then.
  4. Well at 30 stone at age of 27 he should be ashamed of himself! I would like to know what advice his health and safety people gave him before it got to the stage of him losing his job.
  5. Probably something along the lines of: 'Easy on the pies, Lardarse!' :D
  6. why not sack the people who interviewed him and gave him the job in the first place.

    Oh wait I bet it was a civil serpent, who did not think about risk factors!
  7. Surely they could use the fat fcuker as part of the sea defences :twisted:
  8. or use his lard ass to blcok any leaks they have in the reactors coolant tanks 8O

    agent smith
  9. There should be turnstiles in all places of work , marked
    "if you're too fat to get through here , please ring the bell"

    upon hearing the bell ring , the company einsatzgruppen should take the porker round the back and shoot the fat cnut in the back of his/her neck if this can be distinguished from the rest of the corpulent heaving sweaty mass of flab, fat cnuts should be bullied and harassed mercilessly from infant school onwards , this will make them either change their ways or be resigned to their miserable fate.

    i like to call this my final solution.

    in partnership with Mcdonalds.
  10. Whats the betting that due to the f'ed up P.C, equal ops world we live in he will sue them and get thousands as they never stated in his contract that he had to remain at a certain size/weight? Or that they are at fault for not providing a suit to his size this breaking equal ops??
  11. So thats why 90% of students aspire to work at the golden arches :D

    agent smith
  12. Canteen Cowboy wrote:
    If they were anything like most of the civil serpents where I work, they probably thought that he was in good shape and needed fattening up.

    A few years ago I went to DisneyWorld and witnessed a fat Yank woman stuck in one of their turnstiles - an engineer was called to dismantle it!!
  13. as a civil serpent I resemble that excuse for us to be fat we have a gym in the basement and stairs up to 5th floor to run up and down - hmm.................. wonder if there is a gym at Sellafield?