Man Arrested For Booing P.M. Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. From the London Mirror.

    INSPECTOR Idiot of the Met police was on duty in Whitehall for Queen's Speech day. He ordered two constables to search Peter Murray, 48, an award winning male nurse, for shouting "boo" at Tony Blair's limousine.
    They also took his name, abusing their powers under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

    "Arrested For Booing Blair" by Paul Routledge
    London Mirror
    Friday, November 17, 2006
  2. Nothing would surprise me now a days.It's gettin like the DDR was.
  3. yeah, but it depends on what sort of 'boo' it was!!

    very dangerous in the wrong hands you know.

    I know that as a serving member of HMF, that I am not fully entitled to all aspects of the democratic 'freedom of speech'.

    but this is going way too far - their is nothing wrong with constructive critisism in a democratic society
  4. At least everyone had a job and chavs didn't exist............
  5. And we went to war againtst Mr Hitler for what exactly???
    Boo??? BOO??? Is this England or 1940's Germany???

    Blair must go!!! followed by all his riff raff.
  6. "Arrested For Booing Blair"

    If He had shot him, He wouldve probably been knighted.. :lol:

    Ah well.
  7. Disgusting
  8. And freedom of speech?! :p
  9. Freedom of speech?
    not if you in any way be-little or besmirch the Glorious Leader
    or indeed
    Any of his fawning,slackjawed,in-bred,sycophantic hangers -on either
    The only good politician is dancing.......

    on the end of a rope! :D
  10. Now u can get arrested for wearing a t-shirt slagin Bliar,booing.There is a CCTV cam every 14th person in the UK,ur caught on CCTV over 300 times a day.Sooner or later we'll have Pay as U Drive(another con),we'll have no need for speed cams then.They will just clock u from A to B,if ur to quick gettin there they know u have been speeding.Just like being on the berlin corridor in the 80's...where will it all end????
  11. TIN FOIL hat anyone?
  12. I still haven't seen another source of this aside the mirror whom bought us such accurate and fact based journalism in the past...

    Again though, without diving into reactions britain is a police state and has disturbing paralells with slides into totalitarianism.
  13. :(

    Is this what people have fought and died for?
  14. EveyUK,

    Sadly, you should be using the present tense for that question.

  15. Yes, I'm sorry. My initial thoughts were for teh WWII vererans who fought against "facism and tyrany". It really saddens me that this has happened again and that the Police allow themselves to be used in this way.