Man apologises for bomber protest

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. A man who dressed as a suicide bomber during a protest about cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad has apologised for his behaviour.
    Omar Khayam, 22, from Bedford, "wholeheartedly" apologised to the families of the 7 July bombings.

    Scotland Yard has said a special squad is investigating the protests and has promised a "swift" inquiry.

  2. Whats red ken said? Or has he welcomed the protests of calling for death of Danes and enjoyment of terrorism of reflecting Londons ethnic minorities?
  3. He should be nicked ASAP. Nowt like saying a very public sorry after the fact..... Fatherless little swine....

    Thank feck nobody has said jahova yet... oh gaawwwwwd...
  4. It shows a particular lack of thought on his behalf that he would offend so many people with his stupid act, whilst protesting against a perceived insult against his own religion.

    The guy needs to have a very strong talking to, reference his stunt, at the very least and I wouldn't rule out a few weeks inside. It is all well and good to complain about some cartoons that may have caused a great deal of offence in the Muslim community, but quite frankly it offends me that these people would protest in such a way that a suicide bomber jacket, placards threatening death and other activities such as burning flags, etc. (which I know are a Arab/Muslim staple of protesting) is the only way to do it.
  5. Yes - but let us not be too charitable here. The guy was too thick to cover his face and was readily identifiable. So - front up, say it was all a big mistake, apologise, the full nine yards and that'll be the end of it. Same as topping someone and then later saying "I did it and I'm sorry but I don't know what came over me" What was in his mind when he bought/borrowed/cliftied the jacket?
  6. I ment to say in my past post, whats good enough for me is good enough for Jehova. OOHH Feck im in trouble!!!!
  7. msr

    msr LE

    He looks more like a cheapo PSD than a suicide bomber:


    I thought everyone knew they look like this:


  8. Brilliant :lol:

    Omar the Fearless Muhajid goes to protest with his friends, donning the garb of the selfless suicide martyr.

    Omar the Fearless Muhajid fearlessly shows his anger at the Scandinavian Infidel blow against his people.

    Omar the Fearless Mujahid goes home.

    Omar the Fearless Mujahid's mum throws an epic wobbly at him and drags him down the Mosque by his ear.

    Omar the Fearless Mujahid gets a major bollocking off the Imam.

    Omar the Fearless Mujahid says he's very sorry :lol:
  9. walt suicide bombers oh dear.
  10. Isn't he the same guy, who before it was revealed plod would be tracking him down, said he would never apologise?
  11. Pure class..nice one Mister Angry
  12. Just as well he didn't wear his "costume" on the way there. I'm sure his fellow tube passengers would have loved that. (Assuming his mum didn't give him a lift!)
  13. Hate to wee wee against the prevailing here folks, but I think the tosser had the right to do it. How is upsetting our sensibilities in a crass and insulting way any different to Cartoongate? He wasn't directly threatening death and destruction and although he was definitely glorifying terrorism, am I right in thinking that offence never made it through the Lords?

    Obviously a cnut though and as has been pointed out, what value is an apology made under duress from Mummy and Daddy?
  14. Don't agree, but I do think the Plods would have had every right to shoot him. I'm surprised anyone can dress up as a walt suicide bomber in London and make it to the end of the day. He would have been severely dead if he'd been waving a replica AK around. I must assume that Mr. Plod, like me, didn't realise he was supposed to be a suicide bomber. I hope his Mum gives him a good spanking.
  15. The fact that by his actions, he is advocating and rejoicing in the carnage that was reeked upon London in july last year by a group of similarly miguided muslims.

    Just backs up the message the pictures were designed to get across. Oh the irony!!!! :D