Man admits dog indecency charge

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wheelchairwarrier, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. The following is from this weeks edition of the Buchan Observer, a publication normally dedicated to ;
    News from the rurals, Church news, who’s building what and where in Buchan and of course the Bonny Baby section.
    So imagine the outrage caused by the following page 6 item.

    A Cruden Bay man admitted one charge of public indecency and denied another last week.
    Kevin William Menzies (32) of Castle woods, admitted placing his penis through a garden fence in the village and enticing a dog to lick it at the garden on March 16.
    The Procurator Fiscal said that witnesses had seen Menzies stroking the dog with one hand while his other hand was “down his trousers” before he took out his penis and was seen sticking it through slots in the fence ”with his body pressed hard on the fence” .
    The dog then approached but no one saw what subsequently ocured.
    A few moments later the accused put his penis back in his trousers and walked away.
    But Menzies plead not guilty to a charge that on January 16 of this year at another garden he placed his penis through a fence and allowed a dog in the garden to lick it, before entering a private garden removing his trousers and allowing a dog to 2mount him in an inappropriate manner”.

    Sherriff Gordon Fleetwood continued the case until August 14 pending a social enquiry repot and attaching a bail condition that Menzies was not to approach or attempt to approach any dog.
    Menzies will also be subject to reporting restrictions of the sex offenders act.

    In your own time , open fire…….

  2. Lucky Bar steward!!!!

    Are the dogs "single"? "Unattached"??

    Are they now likely to go to the Cat and Dog Home in Seafield?

    If they're looking for a good home, well...... :clap: :excited: :D
  3. Don't hound the man. It may have been ruff justice.
  4. He'll be in the doghouse now!!!
  5. Was he charged with giving the dog a bone???

    Sorry Chum - I'm just jealous :D
  6. The Judge: "Was the dog male or female?"

    Defence Barrister: "Female of course, there's nothing wrong with Mr Menzies."

    Is that my coat? Thanks.

  7. Lets be honest lads....

    We've aw humped a few mutts/hounds in our time!!!!
  8. Was he 'collared' quickly? Will the judges bark be worse than his bite?
  9. Where was MDN at the time?
  10. what is the appropriate way to be mounted by a dog?
  11. Err, what's the appropriate manner to be mounted by a dog :?

    Second thoughts, don't tell me!
  12. Someone with a van with loudspeakers should park outside his house and play Sammy Davis Junior's version of "If I could talk to the Animals.."

    Priceless thread this...

    Back in a minute - too much coffe - gotta go see a man about a dog.....
  13. I thought that this was yet another thread about that RMP lass.
  14. Did anyone ask the dog if it was willing?

    Wasn't this bloke the leader of the Liberal-Democrat-Wahtsit party at one time?
  15. Making a link with the "Naming a hound" thread, we have a winner - "Ohyes" should be the hound's name.