Man accidentally ejects himself from plane

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Howayman, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Love the final paragraph:

    As one observer said: "What a trip. That guy took off in an Astra, came down in a parachute, and landed back at base in a helicopter. Not bad for a for a single flip."
  2. As Oyibo says, classic last paragraph! What an eejit - how on earth do manage to do that- that's got to be one hell of a shock!
  3. It wasn't Fallschirmjager was it? He's a bit of a sprog when it comes to aircraft!!!!! :twisted:
  4. "What does this do?"

  5. Not me but ...

    My first briefing was accompanied by "Do remember the last two 'ejects' will be echoes"

    Probably apocryphal, but apparently 4 Fiat G.91s were going round a range in pairs, when the leader and his wingman collided. This was swiftly followed by the radio broadcast "Ejecto! Ejecto!" as the pair banged out ... followed in even swifter succession by the pair on the other side of the range joining them. Scratch 4 Fiats.
  6. When I was at Coltishall a few years back an orficer who was 'holding' there managed to get a back seat trip in a Jaguar T4 to somewhere in Europe on an Overseas Training Flight (OTF), not to be confused with an TDPU (Thinly Disguised P1ss Up)! :D Anyway during the flight he need to take a leak, so he undid his straps, did the deed and then attempted to strap himself back in. All was going well untill one of the straps had seemed to have shrunk during the time he was emptying his bladder, so he gave it a tug (fnar, fnar), still no joy and he then looked down and to his horror he'd passed the strap through the ejector seat handle...............oooopps! 8O If he had pulled harder no doubt he'd have done the same as this pax and would now be wearing a Martin-Baker tie pin, nice one Ian!!! :wink:
  7. Thought a TDPU was a Tactics Discussion and Procedures Update .. :wink:

    Did a few back seat trips in the Hawk and its easy to see how someone unfamiliar with the enviroment can grab the handle. I nearly did when battering along at low level turning and twisting. I was told that it took quite a bit of pulling force on the handle to fire the seat but "not to worry if you have to pull it you will be feeling REALLY strong by then" and "just in case you don't hear the eject call I have "Follow Me" in dayglo on the bottom of my boots"
  8. Bloke near where I live 'fell' out of a civilian owned Jet Provost a couple of years back. His seat wasn't secured properly and parted company from the cockpit during some sort of manoeuvre that's surely ill advised in a plane of that age.

    Canopy gave way and man + ejector seat exited the aircraft. As he hadn't pulled the ejector handle, the parachute didn't deploy so he stayed in the seat all the way down, landing in a field, somehow, without a scratch.

    His quote: 'I knew something was wrong when I realised that I was outside the aircraft.'