Man About The House

Can anyone confirm if Richard O'Sullivan (Man About The House) once played an RAF Liaison Officer in a early 70's Army Kinema Corps training film which I believe was called 'Battlegroup'? I also remember that in the fim a unit of sappers put the last plate of a bailey bridge in place just as a squadron of Cheiftains/Centurions went over it.
I seem to remember a young Richard O'Sullivan playing a crab occifer in some sort of flight safety film. I recall a couple of Lightnings and a handful of Hunters but it was in the dim and distant past. Have no idea about the title or plot. It was in colour so the novelty factor distracted me.
I believe he did. Can't imagine why I was watching it though. As you say, Lord F, it was probably the standard flight safety vid of its time (and apparently for a long time after its time too).

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