Man, 24 weds 82-year-old bride.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Lunatic69, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. A 24-year-old Argentine man has married a woman 58 years his senior.

    The groom, Reinaldo Waveqche, told reporters after the ceremony in Santa Fe: "I've always like mature ladies."

    Mr Waveqche added: "I don't care what other people say." He and bride Adelfa Volpes, 82 are planning to travel to Rio de Janeiro for their honeymoon. Asked if the marriage was purely spiritual, Ms Volpes laughed and replied: "There's going to be more."

    Right... I know mature ladies are more experienced but this is taking the pish!

  2. Are you? (of the bloke or old dear?)
  3. I will refuse to comment... :D
  4. Is it me or can "Reinaldo Waveqche" be construed as "Rooney, Wayne".

    Glad to see his keeping up the granny bagging drills
  5. Dale married a younger man abroad?
  6. Damn! Beat me to the Dale joke!
  7. No link. Got it off Teletext, was browsing for sport and got this...
  8. I bet the wedding night was like prizing open a cheese toastie
  9. Most people'd be confused. With the amount of heavy wrinkle's she's bound to have, I wouldn't know where to stick it.
  10. Thats because you are a virgin................ and a qu1m
  11. a qu1m? wtf?
  12. You've just proved the point old bean
  13. Ahh never mind...
  14. Is she rich by any chance.