Man, 101, to run London Marathon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by STILTS, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. A 101-year-old man has his sights on the London Marathon in a bid to become the world's oldest competitive runner.
    Working plumber Buster Martin ran Sunday's Roding Valley half marathon in Essex in five hours 13 minutes, and is now focusing on London's 26-mile event.

    On finishing the run, the first words of the ex-member of rock band The Zimmers were: "Where's my beer?"

    Mr Martin, who has 17 children, started work at Pimlico Plumbers in London three years ago because he was bored.

    He drank a tankard of ale before signing autographs and chatting to fans near the finish line of the Essex race!!

    Buster, was just on BBC Breakfast, he said he was in the Army as a PTI, on joining he was asked 'what instrument do you play' as they wanted to put him in the band, his reply was 'Give me a rifle and i'll show you how to play it'.

    Full story here

  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I saw an article about this bloke some time ago. Extraordinary man!

    However, I think this endevour may be on the daft side. Good luck to him though.
  3. God bless him, I can't even run now thanks to the Army!
  4. He does seem to be a bit of a nutter!!!

  5. He was saying he used to be a Weapons Instructor (as well as PT Instructor). And he was also saying he stopped for a "pint of beer and a fag" in the middle of the run!
  6. Quality, I hope I can do something like that when I'm old and grey!
  7. It's amazing how some people can keep this sort of thing up at that age. There's a Sikh bloke in his late 90s who keeps tipping up at marathons and halfs up and down the country. He looks like a few strands of twisted rope rapped up in running kit and a turban, but he just keeps toddling along until he gets there.

    Nowadays, I get chest pains running a bath.
  8. Hes amazing

    He was in the Army for 35 years then he retired and joined the navy!!
  9. It seems he can handle himself too

  10. He is bloody amazing for 101, I hope I'm like that if I get to that age, lol

  11. Never mind the full english, by the sound of it he eats a full chav every day!
    More power to his ferking elbow. I'd buy him a pint any day. And probably more than one too. I bet the old devil would drink me under the table. :twisted:
  12. Its a commendable effort, but to be fair i feel a 120 years old when run! Does that count?