Mamba heavy - Snatch better WTF?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Can't be bothered to read the article as I refuse to even look at the Daily Hate, but you would expect that they would have had to have received at least some field testing before any decision was made to reject them.

    Aren't any vehicles with potential for employment within the Army, evaluated by soldiers?
  2. They were all set to flog snatch off as well If I remeber at least its black water driving round in them could be worse could be madhi army :twisted: .
  3. Biscuits_AB wrote
    Don't be daft, what would the thick squaddies know about equipment? Whitehall desks are the perfect places to evaluate equipment.
  4. Whilst this story makes a good column filler, and serves it's primary purpose of making mail on Sunday readers spit out their tea and kick the cat, it is somewhat misleading.

    The Mamba was not liked because of its handling characteristics, due to the extra weight of the TMRP-6 applique.

    It was replaced by the Tempest (now known as MPV), following a UOR in which Tempest was evaluated against Mamba's Alvis/OMC succesor - the RG-31.

    And despite what the papers say, I doubt Mamba would have saved a single life in the case of attacks on Snatch in MND(SE).

    A good overview of the whole Mamba/RG-31/TempestCougar/Mastiff story can be found here, even if Richard North used the thread as a sounding board for some of his tin-foil hat theories.
  5. The only good thing about SNATCH is that it offers you freedom of movement, and that is the best way to counter the IED threat give them no idea which route you will be taking...
    Mamba does not offer you anymore protection from the kind of IED's that we are encountering in MND SE.
    As Badgers said its all been covered over and over before!