Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Spanish_Dave, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I am in Malta at the mo, anyone else
  2. Yeah, about 350 thousand Maltese.

    Whats up, are they all hiding ?
  3. J_D

    J_D LE

    Been there, done it brought the Tshirt. Don't like it much, man made beaches! But the blackbull pub is a craic!
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    What does Malta have to recommend it ?

    Except for:
    1) The Gut.
    2) Street of 1000 Arrseholes.
    3) Sparrow.

    All of which are now sadly gone I imagine.
  5. feck off Im half maltese!

    the whole island is great although over the past decade it has been catering for the british tourist...and is rapidly turning into a sh1t hole.

    take a look at st.Julians (parcheval), once there was a 6 screen cinema that I thought was the bees theres a 18 screen cinema, shopping mall, laser quest, Imax theatre....jesus christ!

    still a great place and Ill be over there at chrimbo!

  6. Old buses are fantastic. You also get shed loads of old cars still in really good nick and well looked after.
  7. Driving on the island beats anyhting Alton Towers can throw your way for sheer excitement. They say Brits drive on the left, the Americans drive on the right and the Maltese drive in the shade. Roundabouts a especially interesting.

    Buses are good but be prepared to share a bench with some chickens and don't be alarmed if the driver has turned his dashboard into a shrine to the Virgin Mary.

    (Spotter mode- ON) The WWII museum is worth a shufti and try and get hold of a copy of the book Malta Convoy before you go and take a look at Valetta Harbour. It gives you a whole new perspective on things. They really done us proud back in the day and one can't help but feel bad about how Crab Air kicked the sh1t out of everything (even smashing up the bogs) at RAF Luqa when they kicked us out in the late 1960s.
  8. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Yep the museum and Valetta are on the list, it is pissing it down as you will all be glad to hear
  9. Was posted there in the '50's and 60's and a very good posting it was too!
    Then along came the start of mass tourism in the '70's and 80's and like most Med/Far East postings started to go down hill. Still a favourite watering hole though, full of wonderful history.
    A brilliant holiday read is 'The Great Siege' by Ernle Bradford, the true story of 600 Knights and their Maltese cohorts who saw off 30,000 Muslims. [Got to be a good precedent there I would have thought].
    BQMS - visit the Artillery Museum at the end of Valetta.
  10. Hi this is my first posting. Been following the boards for a few weeks but when I saw this thread decided to sign up. I'm Maltese and living in Malta (for 4 more weeks anyway, then moving to England!).

    Would just like to welcome you to our lovely islands and apologise for this insult of weather. It's such a waste of good August days!

    I dont know how old you are, or exactly what you're interested in but here's a few suggestions you may enjoy:

    -Eat Pastizzi (filo pastry filled with rikotta or mashed peas), Maltese Hobza (Bread), Mqaret (Fried date thingies) and drink Kinnie and Cisk Export
    -If you're between 20 and 35, the place to be on Wednesday night is The Alley in Paceville...after 11.30. Nobody in their right mind in that age group goes out before that time here, especially in summer.
    -Visit Mdina, The Silent City. Its a magical place, and there is also a lovely coffee shop called Fontanella where they have a fantastic view of almost all the island and the best chocolate cake in the world.
    -Once in Valletta, visit museums and walk through exhibitions. You can learn a lot about the island in a very short time - and we DO have a really amazing history!
    -Go to Gozo. It's like stepping back in time about 50 years. Very very beautiful place.
    -Take a boat trip to Blue Lagoon in Comino...but be careful of the jellyfish this year.
    -There is a lovely restaurant in Paceville called La Maltija. It specialises in Maltese traditional food. There are several of these places around the island, but do try to be fussy about which you go to. Some are just not good enough!
    -The St. Julian's Village feast was last weekend so its a pity you missed that as it's one of the best, but if you get the chance to go to one, it can be quite a (bewildering, at times) experience.
    -Dubliners, in St. Julian's Bay, and Scotsman, Lava Lounge and Huggins in Paceville, are some good Irish pubs.
    - and finally, if at any point you're mad (apologies) enough to feel homesick, go to Bugibba at night. There's more British people there than we probably know what to do with.

    That's my 2 cents. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and take many wonderful memories back with you.

    No I'm not getting paid for any of these ads. Just happen to think my country is amazing and also party a bit too much! :D

    Nice day to all...

    Ps. Spend money!!! :wink:
  11. J_D

    J_D LE

    Those horse cart things are mad! The guys race them down the streets. Saw a nice pile up between 3 once.
  12. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Thanks littlemissnaughty, we are going to the museums in Valetta today and to visit Salima, I would say we could meet but by your screen name I am probably old enough to be your grandad :)) Thanks for the information though, its appreciated
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    You must remember Sparrow then !
  14. Ah yes - Garigs or suchlike IIRC. A 12yo Whiffler did a school cruise on the Uganda (pre-Corporate) and we were put ashore in parties of 5, but the drivers would only take 4. So we set off with fastest runner behind, who caught up and grabbed hold at first corner.

    We had a belting race up to and through some gateway affair and it was a serious game of chicken between the drivers. We won, and their driver bubbled our stowaway, little realising he had one too.

    Happy days - we soon found the brewery tap. Merry days.
  15. U'r welcome. It's spelt 'Sliema'. Lovely sea in this area - all rocks though. Good shopping and sales are on at the mo. Aside from the pretty original houses in the side streets, there isn't all that much to see aside from high rise buildings and cars. But the view of Valletta from "The Ferries" (also known as The Strand) - especially at sunrise or sunset - is breathtaking.

    On the other side, known as Ghar id-Dud, there is the old fort called Fortizza, which now houses TGIF. If you like that kind of food, its a good atmosphere.

    my nannu (grandfather) is 76. He was, and still is, a big British fan. hehe

    Anya 1982 mentioned the horsecarts called Karrozzin. If you decide to take a ride, make sure you're getting a fair price and ask several cabbies before you pick one. Sometimes they agree on prices, sometimes one will quietly quote a lower price. Just remember to be polite as you can but stand your ground!