I've just got back from Herrick 10 and have booked a holiday to Malta for the missus and myself. We'll be staying in a very nice 5 star hotel at very nice off-peak rates.

I've done a bit of reading up on Malta and it's history and am keen to see it's varied and ancient architecture as well as places linked to the two famous sieges of the island; the 16th C one by the Turks and the WWII one by the axis.

Any suggestions regarding places to visit, decent bars, restuarants etc would be more than welcome!


My wife is half maltese, we used to go there every year, all the lively bars are around Paceville/St Julians, Strait Street in Valleta is worth a visit (used to be the red light area known by all as "The Gut") Also "The Pub" is worth a look, thats were Oliver Reed died during the filming of Gladiator.

Golden Bay is worth a visit, its one of the few sandy beaches, I think it was Silema that had a load of rock formations that look like they were eroding, but it was apparently all caused by luftwaffe dropping off their unspent payloads before heading home!

We hired a motorbike for a day and had a spin round, the standard of driving is about the same as greece, so we stuck to the minor roads and wizzed around most of the island which is about the size of the Isle of Wight, we did find some old WW1 era buildings built by Anzacs, all occupied by MDF forces now. Malta is very much like Gib lots of old with a bit of new mixed in, have a bottle of Cisk for me!

P.S Dont walk around without a t shirt on, you can get done for being topless by the police even if you are a geezer!
(The para-military looking coppers are the worst, most of them are Scicilian and havent got much time for the Brits!)


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Mdina is well worth a visit and the old airfield below which is now a sort of trade park.
Mnajdra on the south coast is a prehistoric temple if you are interested in that sort of thing.
Valetta needs a couple of days to have a good look round. Plenty to see and do and some decent bars/cafes down around the harbour area.
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