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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Wolverine11, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I just wondered, what is required in order to become a Malta Barracks instructor to trian recruits?

    is there a selection?

    after being inspired by some of the instructors , mainly PT, i would like to do the course so that i coudl instruct up there.


  2. W
    You would need to be
    1. LCpl or above
    2. Passed at a high standard a DIT course (RTC can arrange)
    3. Have a least one more core instructor qualification (PTI, SAA, BCDT, CMCQ, Drill etc)

    The process for an "unkown" potential instructor is
    a. Contact the RSM who will do initial interview
    b. Interview with relevent Wing OC
    c. Observation of training by Validation WO
    d. MS referral to Glasgow (ie CRB check)

    However there is a far better route - become a visiting instructor for your unit - after a while you become a known quantity
    Hope this helps
  3. lcpl or above? one of the PTI's is a private soldier?
  4. Well yes, you can do a PTI course as a private if that is the way you want to go. Then it just depends if there is a place for you. Though, I expect you will need to do some time as a PTI at your unit beforehand.
  5. As I understand it that Pte would have been given local rank to do the PTI course, and would also have done DITS/most likely also recommended as suitable by his OC.
  6. I believe the emphasis of instruction at Malta is now SAA and PT, so those would be the most in demand instructors.

    Having said that, other discipline instructors or potential NCOs/instructors would probably still be welcome to help out. As the standard of instruction has to be high, it will be a valuable learning experience for any visiting soldiers.

    Note that visiting SAA instructors will be assessed prior to giving any lessons to recruits. If you aren't familiar with the latest version PAM 5, or are a bit rusty, you probably need to get some current experience of instructing.

    I suspect one of the reasons for assessments is there was an instructor Walt who claimed to be a SAA and BCDT (IIRC) instructor. He was there for quite a while before people became suspicious and asked to see his certs. He disappeared pretty quickly after that.
  7. RTC were still teaching old pam as of AUG09 as clearance had not been given by Land (or whoever makes decisions) to teach from current pam. I seem to recall said fat person was also allegedly CBRN
  8. so as a private PTI, can i instruct at 4 div RTC?
  9. You will assist the lead instructor to start with. The QMSI wll monitor you very closely regarding any lessons conducted
  10. Ask the head of your RTT if you can do GD's for a few weekends and see if you like being up there alot more before you commit to transfering to 4 Div.
  11. I didn't realise the latest version PAM 5 hadn't been cleared.

    When I first rocked up at Malta as a visiting instructor in late 2006, the latest PAM 5 I had access to was for the A1.

    Said walt was probably an Underwater Knife Fighting Instructor too...
  12. so why is there a private pti instructing and taking lessons?
  13. Beacuse he has proven he is a good egg and can be responsible, I would guess.

    He would have most likely been helping out in PT lessons to begin with, and slowy took a more active role to the point where his superiors believe him to be adequate enough to take lessons.
  14. Your just obsessed with this Pte PTI aren't you fancy him?
  15. Have you not read the previous posts?

    Yes as a private soldier you can potentially work at any RTC so long as you have a relevant qual and are competent in instructing. Potentially being the important word, as they may not require you/ your unit may not want you to go/ they think your a bell.end.

    You don't neccessarily require a Ditts, however this would be advatageous. Also if you do get posted to an RTC they would put you on courses for your career development, such as Ditts/intermediate PTI

    Are you a trained soldier or still a recruit?