Malins "Battle of the Somme" remastered, Premiere 22 Oct

As per Times online site, page 2 has booking info.

I have (had?) the video, apparently digitally remastered, new footage, lip-reading, background. And an orchestra at the premiere, presumably playing Baldrick's tone poem "boom, boom, boom, boom - boom boom boom!".

I may even make it myself - anyone else ?.
i was reading the sunday times, excellent article with regard to the film. amazing that at the time it was seen by 20 million people. maybe if the british public were still as interested in what myself and fellow soldiers go through now we would get a lot more respect. not that i am comparing what we do now to what the tommy's went through in the day (absolute respect). this film should be shown in schools as part of the curriculum. i will be going to the premiere along with my family.

Is it due to be released on DVD?
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