Maliki wants to punish leaker of Saddam film

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GuyT, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Maliki wants to punish leaker of Saddam film

    Story also covered here:

    A quote from the first article:

    On Tuesday, Munqith al-Faroon, the prosecutor who oversaw the execution, said in an interview broadcast on Al-Jazeera: "There were only two people who had mobile phones inside the room. I don't want to say their names."

    "They were senior government officials," he said.

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    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the punishment might consist of? A weekend with Tony, Cherie and Maurice Gibb perhaps?
  2. i was going to suggest leaving him in a room with a pit bull...but they've been banned...
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    String 'em up, I say. Its the only language they understand.
  4. Yeah, Saddam wouldn't dare say anything bad now, would he?!
  5. On a slightly more serious note, whatever happened to dignity in death?

    Also : naivete aside for just a sec, does anyone else think of this as being anything other than victors revenge rather than that odd, quaint, concept of justice?
  6. Maliki wants to punish........

    I don't think his boss will let that fly, and I don't mean the Boss of the USA.
  7. Even though I've always supported capital punishment, i've never seen it as anything other than revenge, as its never been about justice and its certainly not a deterrent. As this was revenge disguised as justice, dignity was never going to get a look in.
  8. Spot on mate.
  9. Of course he wants to punish the guy who filmed it.

    The leaked video exposed just how sectarian the execution of Hussein was, and the government didn't want the world to see it. Just goes to show f+cked up the country actually is!
  10. Bingo...

    Iraq's PM longs to leave office

    How long is it going to take us to realise the 'real' Iraqi Government is working against us, both covertly and overtly?

    Strange, just reading this and I thought of that quote from Apocalypse Now.

    Late summer-autumn 1968: Kurtz's patrols in the highlands coming under frequent ambush. The camp started falling apart … November: Kurtz orders the assassination of three Vietnamese men and one woman. Two of the men were Colonels in the South Vietnamese army. Enemy activity in his old sector dropped off to nothing. Guess he must have hit the right four people.

    I'm not advocating whacking members of the Iraqi Government, but if we don't get to the black heart of the shadow Iraqi Government and administer heroic surgery soon, no matter how many troops are committed, I cannot see how we can ever hope to win.

    Maliki already knows this, it's about time we admitted it too.
  11. You've been reading too much Tom Clancy PTP.
  12. Should have strip-searched all of them before and after....................pretty pathetic really, but it is Bremer's fault for not finding some Sunni General we could do business with to stand behind the Govt as in Turkey where the Army makes sure the EU does not turn secular Turkey into an Islamic Republic
  13. Update extensive article from CNN:

    Second guard held in Hussein video investigation

    Extract: Adviser: Did videotaper act alone or for organization?
    The first guard was detained Wednesday and will face charges, depending on whether he "acted alone and in the spur of the moment, or whether he planned beforehand and acted in coordination with others outside the court like media or political organizations," al-Maliki's adviser Sadiq al-Rikabi said.

    Can't imagine the executions of the leading Nazis at Nuremburg being so chaotic and badly organised. What a shambles.

    More at

  14. Utter garbage and the get out clause is already in the first part of the statement. Obviously the fellow has the gift of tongues to be able to chant Moqtada in mutiple voices.

    Mark, I stopped reading Clancy after HFRO. He reads me now :D
  15. Hmm, So I guess Munqith al-Faroon - the prosecutor was mistakened when he said that he saw only *2 high ranking government officials with mobile phones?

    *(He also makes clear that the two officials were not Sami Askari Maliki's PA nor the Maliki's NSA Mowaffak al-Rubaie. A man who gave such a credible initial version of the events surrounding the execution and who never shouted the slogan 'Long live Mohammed Baqir Al-Sadr')