Maliki insists Iraq will not slide into civil war

By Peter Graff

LONDON (Reuters) - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Monday his country will not slide into civil war but acknowledged that mounting sectarian violence is now killing 100 civilians a day.

Three huge bombs killed at least 62 people in Baghdad and Kirkuk on the eve of Maliki's first trip to the West since being named prime minister three months ago in a unity government.

Saddam Hussein's mass murder trial resumed without the ousted leader. Sixteen days into a hunger strike, Saddam is boycotting the court and being fed through a tube.

Maliki stopped in London to meet British Prime Minister Tony Blair on his way to the United States for talks with President George W. Bush, leaders of the two countries whose 140,000 soldiers in Iraq have failed to stop the killing there.

In east Baghdad, shattered vehicles showed the power of one of Sunday's blasts, which killed 34 people. Blood lay in pools.

While Maliki visited London on Monday more bombers struck in Samarra, two parts of Baghdad, and twice in Mosul, killing at least nine and wounding nearly 30. Gunmen killed civilians in attacks reported in Kut, Hilla, Kerbala and Mosul.
An oriental proverb springs in mind.

Сколько не повторяй 'халва, халва...' во рту сладко не станет.
You can repeat 'halva, halva...' many times but you would not feel sweet in your mouth

Sunni comunity blames Shias for using of foreign troops to be at power. Mr.Maliki can't resolve this problem by saying 'halva, halva...'

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